Sustainable Travel Wear For The Conscious Traveller

By Eva Ramirez

Take your Airport look to a higher level with Eva Ramirez's favourite conscious travel wear.


As a child, my mother made a great deal out of airport fashion. My older sister and I would travel to Spain to visit family in our Sunday best - our shiniest pair of mary janes paired with a smart dress, matching peacoat and bows in our hair. These days, travel has become less of an occasion in itself and more of a means to an end. I’ve become far more practical with my attire, besides, I have to pack and carry my own luggage now! Whatever the mode of transport, you don’t want to feel confined in your clothing - that’s what the middle seats on the plane are for. Comfort is key, but if it’s a short-haul trip you’re embarking on then time is of the essence, so you’ll need an outfit that’s good enough to wear as soon as you arrive at your destination. This also means wrinkle-prone fabrics are out of the question (sorry linen).

It’s always a bit of a roulette with temperatures too - warm in the airport, freezing on the plane, hot as soon as you disembark...So you’ll want an easily transitional outfit made up of sheddable layers that will work autonomously throughout the trip too. Certain items can make a casual outfit still look considered - a statement handbag, a good pair of sunglasses, and then there are the essentials, such as an eye mask to ensure you get some much-needed rest while in transit.

Here is a round-up of travel wear must-haves from my favourite sustainable brands:

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Sustainable Travel Wear For The Conscious Traveller