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Sometimes it can feel like the news is all doom and gloom, so we're highlighting the most positive and uplifting news stories relating to sustainability, social justice and the environment for a little motivation and reminder to us all to keep going.

Monday 19th August

This bike is made from recycled coffee pods

Nespresso has partnered with Swedish cycling start-up Vélosophy to create 1,000 bicycles in the same shade as their popular 'Arpeggio' coffee pods Over the past two decades, Nespresso coffee machines have gone from relative obscurity to household obsession. And while the coffee has been great for family kitchens, the by-product of a used capsule has not been as good for our environment.

Friday 16th August

11 million new trees to be planted in England by water companies

Water companies have announced plans to plant 11 million new trees in England by 2030 to help the industry's effort to become carbon neutral. The firms will be planting trees on around 15,000 acres of land across England, as well as supporting work to restore original woodland and improving habitats that store carbon.

Thursday 15th August

Domesticity and dignity designed into London homeless shelter by Holland Harvey

Holland Harvey Architects is behind the redevelopment of a disused supermarket in London into a new homeless shelter and headquarters for charity Shelter From The Storm (SFTS). As well as room for 42 people to sleep, eat and recover, the new location o...

Wednesday 14th August

Why tiny Belize is a world leader in protecting the ocean | Jo Griffin

Across the turquoise water by the mangrove, forest ranger Allan Halliday spots a fishing skiff. "We're going over to say hello," he says, before abruptly changing the boat's direction. But his real task is to check the couple on board have the licence to fish in this part of the Port Honduras Marine Reserve, one of nine designated zones in Belize.

Monday 12th August

Sustainability rules at Copenhagen Fashion Week S/S 2020

Sustainability has long been part of the conversation in the Danish capital, thanks in part to the seaside proximity of the city, but this season it was the hottest topic: Stine Goya evolving its ethically-produced eveningwear, now retailing on NAP's N...

Chloe Baines makes fashion collection from tents left behind at festivals

London College of Fashion graduate Chloe Baines has designed a collection of clothing and jewellery from the upcycled tents and metal pegs left after music festivals. The collection, called In Tents: The After Party, was designed in collaboration with Central Saint Martins graduate Belle Smith, who made matching earrings and rings from the tent pegs.

Sunday 11th August

Family saves a tonne of plastic from landfill

A family has saved a tonne of plastic from ending up in landfill by collecting it on their driveway before sending it to be recycled. The Barker family from Nuneaton launched into action in January after spotting a pristine 40-year-old crisp packet at their allotment.

'Greta effect' leads to boom in children's environmental books

Some seek to convey the wonder of endangered animals while others give tips on how to tackle waste or tell tales of inspirational environmental activists. All are part of what children's publishers are calling "the Greta Thunberg effect": a boom in books aimed at empowering young people to save the planet.

Friday 9th August

Wellness brand Haeckels plants the seeds of change with zero-impact packaging

Sustainability is moving to the forefront of most businesses' modus operandi these days, but can any truly claim that what they do does no harm? The cosmetic industries are certainly aware that both economic and environmental survival now depends on th...

New project aims to prevent fish dying of stress

Archant 2019 The Environment Agency (EA) is beaming live temperature data to a screen at a Wroxham angling shop to protect pike stocks during the hot weather. The Environment Agency beam live temperature date a to the Wroxham branch of Angling Direct to show the optimal times to fish for Pike on the Broads.

Thursday 8th August

Plant-based diet can fight climate change - UN

Switching to a plant-based diet can help fight climate change, UN experts have said. A major report on land use and climate change says the West's high consumption of meat and dairy produce is fuelling global warming. But scientists and officials stopped short of explicitly calling on everyone to become vegan or vegetarian.

Tuesday 6th August

Warm weather may make 2019 a boom year for butterflies, say experts

The common blue butterfly could be booming in the UK thanks to recent spells of hot weather, according to a conservation charity. Experts are predicting that the July heatwave and Met Office forecasts for above-average temperatures in August might mean that the common blue has its "best ever summer", Butterfly Conservation said.

ITV commits to 1.5C science-based target after reaching carbon-neutral

IU Energy is a multi-award-winning business, providing comprehensive energy management services to its B2B clients, including energy reduction solutions, renewables and independent energy procurement.

Sunday 4th August

The sea eagle has landed - centuries after it disappeared

Sea eagles have returned to the Isle of Wight 239 years after they were last seen there. Six chicks brought from Scotland were taken to the island last month as part of a programme to reintroduce the birds to England's south coast.

Friday 2nd August

Bearded vultures soar again in Alps after breeding scheme

This summer, as the snows finally melt across the Alps, a record 35 bearded vulture chicks are expected to leave their nests and take to the skies to patrol their mountain home, in one of the most successful wildlife comebacks of recent times. "Bearded vultures were hunted to extinction in the Alps in the early 20th century.

Thursday 1st August

Plastic bag sales in England halved in past year

Plastic bags sales by the biggest supermarkets in England have halved in the last year, government data shows. Asda, Marks and Spencer, Morrisons, Sainsbury's, the Co-op, Tesco and Waitrose sold 549 million single-use plastic bags in 2018-19, down from one billion in the previous year.

Wednesday 31st July

M&S launches discount for customers who bring their own lunchbox

Marks and Spencer have launched a discount for customers who bring their own lunchboxes into stores. The new scheme will incentivise customers to bring their own reusable containers to M&S' Market Place by offering a 25p discount off each meal.

Mini toiletries to be removed from Holiday Inn owner's hotels

Miniature toiletries are to be removed from all hotels run by InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) for environmental reasons - making it the first global hotel brand to undertake such a move. The UK-based owner of Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza hotels has pledged to take the small plastic bottles out of its 843,000 rooms by 2021.

Monday 29th July

India tiger census shows rapid population growth

India is now home to nearly 3,000 tigers, a third more than it had four years ago, according to the latest tiger census. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who presented the findings on Monday, said the tiger population had risen from 2,226 in 2014 to 2,967 in 2018.

Greta Thunberg to sail across Atlantic for UN climate summits

Greta Thunberg is to sail across the Atlantic in a high-speed racing yacht next month to attend UN climate summits in the US and Chile as part of a sabbatical year the 16-year-old Swedish climate activist will spend in the US. "Good news!

Ethiopia plants 350m trees in a day to help tackle climate crisis

About 350m trees have been planted in a single day in Ethiopia, according to a government minister. The planting is part of a national "green legacy " initiative to grow 4bn trees in the country this summer by encouraging every citizen to plant at least 40 seedlings.

Thursday 25th July

Intimates Gets a Boost from New Sustainable Fibers and Fabrics

As brands and consumers become more demanding about the clothes they make and wear meeting sustainable and environmental standards, fabric and fiber suppliers are stepping up to the task. Whether using recycled materials or a manufacturing process that conserves water and energy, material suppliers are moving sustainability into the intimates space.

Tuesday 23rd July

77% Of People Want To Learn How To Live More Sustainably

A significant majority of Americans and Australians are intent on learning more about humanity's impact on the environment, and what they can do to live a more sustainable lifestyle. 913 people in both countries were part of a cross-generational led by Southern Cross University to investigate how engaged citizens in both nations were regarding the environment, and just how far they were willing to go to protect the planet.

Ellen MacArthur Foundation Promotes Circularity Through New Education Hub

Less than a week after releasing a set of Jeans Redesign Guidelines, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation launched a learning hub to educate those who want to build a closed loop supply chain. Using interactive multimedia content and real-world examples, the hub answers commonly asked questions about the concept of a circular economy and how individuals can contribute to its adoption and expansion.

Berlin fashion scene breaking barriers in sustainability

Sustainable fashion is having a moment. With increasing interest from conventional retailers, the topic is becoming less of a niche and more of a mainstream industry focus, as proved by Berlin's fashion fairs at the start of July. A colorful

MPs launch sustainable clothing and textiles group

An all-new All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) has been formed by UK MPs to analyse sustainability in the clothing and textiles industry. Headed by newly elected chair Anne Main MP, the APPG for Sustainable Clothing and Textiles, supported by sustainability charity Hubbub, launched with an augural meeting that was attended by dozens of major retailers, industry bodies and recycling experts.

Sunday 21st July

Panama Becomes First Central American Nation To Ban Plastic Bags

PANAMA CITY, July 20 (Reuters) - Panama on Saturday became the first Central American nation to ban single-use plastic bags to try to curb pollution on its beaches and help tackle what the United Nations has identified as one of the world's biggest environmental challenges.

Thursday 18th July

Use of #SustainableFashion Hashtag Spiking on Instagram

Forget trends; consumers are increasingly values-driven when buying clothes. The evidence is all over Instagram, where mentions of #sustainablefashion have quintupled since 2016, according to French tech startup Heuritech, which reviewed 25 million posts and 400 hashtags from U.S. and European consumers and influencers over the past three years.

Wednesday 17th July

'No brainer' fuel change to cut transport CO2

Adding more ethanol to the UK's fuel mix would cut carbon by as much as taking 700,000 cars off the roads, according to a group of MPs. The All-Party Parliamentary Group for British Bioethanol says the swift introduction of E10 fuel would also help the £1bn British biofuel industry.

Tuesday 16th July

Bears and wolves to coexist in UK woods for first time in 1,000 years

For the first time in more than 1,000 years native bears and wolves are coming snout to muzzle with each other among towering oaks and ashes in a slice of British woodland.

Virgin axes trips to SeaWorld amid welfare worries

Virgin Holidays says it has stopped selling tickets to captive whale and dolphin experiences such as SeaWorld. The firm said it had culled the last five such attractions it promoted, which accounted for more than 20,000 tickets sold last year.

Friday 12th July

GM plants could help tackle root cause of global warming

Genetically modified plants with artificially enlarged root systems could be used to combat climate change, scientists have said.Plants remove carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, from the atmosphere to produce energy through photosynthesis. Using sunlight they split CO2 into oxygen, which is releas

Monday 8th July

Children Rising: Meet The Earth's Future Custodians

Imagine a detection system that can prevent underground water leakage, a turbine that could harness hurricane-strength wind power in urban spaces, a technology that captures carbon from the home, or a sustainable train that doesn't use a diesel engine or a heavy electric motor. These inventions were designed by children aged 12-14.

Glastonbury stars give away clothes for charity

Sheryl Crow, Lewis Capaldi and Billie Eilish are among the Glastonbury stars to give clothes to Oxfam in support of a campaign against "throwaway fashion". The artists gave some of their clothing to the charity during the festival in Somerset, with the aim of encouraging fans to buy second-hand fashion.

The Uplifting News