12 Sustainable Women's Swimwear Brands

By Jil Carrara

If the spring-like weather we’re having in London has you daydreaming of warmer climes and planning your summer holiday wardrobe, then here are some of our favourite sustainable labels to hit the beach or pool in. 

It feels like spring and summer are finally on the horizon, and that means it's almost time to to get our sustainable swimwear out of storage for all those long summer days by the sea. Unfortunately, conventional swimwear is often made from synthetic virgin materials such as nylon and polyester, but luckily, there are lots of brands making the most of incredible material innovations or natural fibres to facilitate the transition to more sustainable swimwear.


With a warm getaway (and let's be honest, summer) on our minds right now, here are some of our favourite sustainable swimwear brands:


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12 Sustainable Women's Swimwear Brands