5 Vegan Fast Food Eateries in London

From Seitan burgers to Jackfruit nuggets, these are our favourite vegan fast food restaurants in London.

London is quickly becoming a plant-based paradise with many of our favourite vegan restaurants offering a wide variety of delicious meals, prepared with love and served on beautiful ceramic plates to make that moment as perfect as possible. However, sometimes, just sometimes, we all just get that craving for comfort food.

Luckily, London also has plenty of options to satisfy our greasy junk food cravings. Either eaten at the shack directly with a friend, or as a takeaway eaten on your sofa watching your favourite trashy (no judgement) movie, here are our favourite vegan fast food eateries around London:

Filth Foods

Considered one of the best vegan burgers in London, this joint hits that fast food craving right on the spot. The buns are covered in sesame, the patty is made from black beans, black quinoa and no-GMO soy mince, and the ketchup is made with beetroot for a healthier twist. Filth Foods is located on Bethnal Green Road in Shoreditch and is definitely one to try our over the weekend.

Club Mexicana

Credits: @line_mrn

The only food that challenges the good ol’ burger in the comfort food competition is probably Mexican food. Think 100% vegan nachos, tacos, burritos and more in a vibrant eatery located in the Shoreditch. Club Mexicana has our heart.

Temple of Seitan

Temple of Seitan is a 100% vegan fast food eatery, where you will find the most delicious seitan burgers and non-chicken nuggets. With two destinations, one in Camen and one in Hackney, this place is a must when in London. P.S. another pro is that they pay living wage.

What the Pitta

What the Pitta make delicious vegan Döner Kebabs and has locations all over London in Shoreditch, Croydon and Camden, as well as a branch in Brighton. For the signature kebab they marinate soy chucks in secret spices and wrap them in homemade flatbread with soya yoghurt, vegan tzatziki and homemade hummous. Yum.

Biff’s Jack Shack

Credits: @kimburrowsvegography ⁣

“Filthy AF vegan junk food in London” is the Biff’s Jack Shack tag line, and there is really not much more to add. Other than the very important fact that they specialise in crispy fried Jackfruit. Head to Boxpark Shoreditch now and thank us later.

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