The Best Eco Toys for Kids

Image credit: Photo by li tzuni 

Green + Simple co-founder, Erica Watson, shares her favourite eco toys for kids. 

There’s a lot to be said about the importance of play time, it’s the building blocks (pardon the pun) of child development not to mention an activity parent’s love too. But when it comes to toys, many – especially plastic ones – contain toxins (like BPA, phthalates and formaldehyde-ridden glue) and inevitably end up in a landfill taking hundreds of years to breakdown. However, there are many great brands making fantastic educational toys that aren’t just good for kids but for the planet too. Here’s our list to treasure then pass on to the next generation.

Clockwork Soldier

From dinosaurs to unicorns, Clockwork Soldier has loads of DIY activity kits that are wonderful for both kids’ imaginations and the planet. Kits like the build a Mega-Bot are made from recycled cardboard and the Grow Your Own Mini Magical Garden comes with seeds to plant and watch grow. They also have a range of dress ups and design-your-own superhero costume kits that are sure to excite.  

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Tender Leaf Toys

This green company crafts exquisite wooden toys, games and puzzles for toddlers and older children too. Get them counting and learning colours or role playing in their own farmer’s market or ice cream stall. Toys are made from sustainable rubberwood with non-toxic paints and are free from formaldehyde (which, scarily, is found in a lot of mainstream glue). If you’re children are into imaginative play this brand has lots on offer. 

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Olli Ella

They’re known for their gorgeous Luggy baskets, but Olli Ella also has a great range of sustainable and ethically produced kids toys and accessories. Budding artists – including our own – love Playpa colouring and sticker paper, while the gorgeous dolls pram are a decorator piece in their own right. The stools, furniture and baskets are also both practical and adorable. 

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Green Toys

Made from post-consumer plastic – aka recycled milk bottles – Green Toys has kid’s imagination, safety and the planet at heart. They divert a huge amount of waste from landfill to cleverly create toys that range from dump trucks to doctor’s kits and more. And their popular sand play set has the stamp of approval from our own children. They also make mealtime fun with their range of bright coloured plates, bowls and cutlery. And their latest collaboration with Sesame Street  – including Cookie Monster’s Cook, Bake Create – is super cute. 

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Craft can be pretty problematic from a sustainability standpoint – think plastic, glitter and questionable ingredients in those paint pots. But OkoNorm aims to change that. The German based company is focus on high-quality art supplies that are non-toxic and ethically made. From modelling clay and ergonomic beeswax crayons to water-based felt-tip pens and finger paints, little ones will only be bound by their imagination. 

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Plan Toys

Is your little one interested in music? Plan Toys has a great range of instruments for budding performers. While we can’t guarantee they’ll make great music, we can assure you their pieces are free from toxic glue and their paints are made from sustainably sourced rubber trees. As well as the instruments we love the pull-along toys, puzzles, blocks, bath toys and role play pieces. 

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