Best Ethical Gender Neutral Jackets

From waterproof anoraks and parkas to stylish blazers and cool bombers, here are our top picks for the best ethical winter jackets cut for a unisex fit. 

Sustainable fashion and ethical practices are a hot topic in the fashion industry and an ever growing conversation around the world – finding a way to curb fast fashion is an intrinsic part of society. Through a progressive generation we have seen how a wider understanding and exploration of the terms masculine and feminine and expressions of gender, or lack there of, now plays a pivitol role in our culture and community and, within fashion, unisex and androgynous styles and cuts are increasing in demand

What does that mean for sustainable fashion? Moving towards a more circular system, one of the most sustainable options when it comes to what we do with our clothes is to keep them in use for as long as possible. Unisex fasion allows us to share our clothes with partners, friends and family of any gender, significantly widening our swap-scope and keeping garments out of landfill. We have compiled a collection of brands who are clocking on to the trend and taking it one step further by creating jackets for men and women that buck gender-specific styles with cool, quirky and multifunctional designs that prove one jacket can do go a long way…

Waterproof Kimono, £295.00, On Good Authority

The fully waterproof, breathable and seam-sealed Kimono from On Good Authorityoffers a sleek, contemporary silhouette, that can be worn every day come rain or shine. A structured shell jacket to transcend the seasons, keeping you protected all year round. 

The soft matte fabric contains recycled nylon and has an environmentally friendly water repellent finish. It’s been responsibly manufactured in a factory that looks after its workers. 

Modular Anorak, £210, Riley Studio

Riley Studio’s Modular Anorak is made from a water-resistant waxed cotton and finished with NATULON® Recycled Tape Zips. Fit for both men and women, Riley Studio provides a gender-neutral sizing guide to help when choosing the perfect winter pieces to keep you warm and dry through winter.

The Signature Reversible Quilt, £695, Marfa Stance

Composed of water-repellent lightweight quilted nylon, this timeless parka is designed with a loose fit with and asymmetric hem that offers a flattering silhouette to guys and gals alike. Marfa Stance’s signature parka is a multi-functional style; with additional accessories available, it transforms from a summer shield to a winter warmer in no time at all. Perfect for those ‘all four seasons in one day’ days.

Sunflower Reversible Jacket, £31, Lonely Kids Club

The Sunflower Reversible Jacket is made from a thick, waterproof material that protects against the elements while keeping you warm and cosy. Providing a snug fit for both genders, this jacket has been made in collaboration with Romanian Street Artist Saddo with a concept based around mental health.

Shell Wool Jacket, £275, KIKS

Keep warm on those chilly days with the Shell Wool Jacket from KIKS. Made out of recycled wool sourced from army surplus stock and materials leftover from the textile industry, this versatile, waterproof, unisex jacket is designed and made to order for the perfect fit.

Security Raincoat, £58, Oblanc

The ultimate raincoat to stand out on a grey day – the Security Raincoat from Oblanc is made from primarily second-hand garments and has interchangeable features allowing for multiple uses within the one piece. Why buy five jackets when this one does it all?

Blazer, £386, Older Brother

This vintage fit blazer is made from a blend of organic cotton, linen and ramie and has been dyed naturally in indigo. Fashion celebrating the quirky singularity of life is the moto of Older Brother, who has tailored this piece to fit men and women equally.

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