The Best Natural & Organic Beauty Treatments in London

Jil Carrara hunts down the best natural beauty treatments and salons in London to take care of your hair, nails, and self.

If you’re feeling a little worn out after the long winter and want to treat yourself to a natural beauty treatment (or two), we’ve compiled a little guide of our favourite salons specialising in everything from facials to non-toxic nails and waste-free, all-natural hair removal. Similar to our fashion buying habits, we try to be very mindful about where we spend our money and try to support local, small businesses that use the best possible products on the market – especially since these directly affect our body! Since we know that certain chemicals can enter our bloodstream from our skin just through topical application, beauty treatments are definitely worth spending an extra penny on if the products won’t harm you (and the planet) in the long-run. If you have a holiday coming up or perhaps a few special events like weddings that you’d like to get ready for, these are the places to visit. Phone off, selfcare time on. 


Content Beauty and Wellbeing is not only your one-stop shop for all natural beauty products but also offers a range of treatments. Our favourite? Its facials, which make use of only organic products and can be customised to meet individual values such as gluten-free or vegan. They even offer several treatments specifically for anyone with Rosacea, Dermatitis, Acne and Eczema – simply specify your skin condition when booking and they will make the necessary arrangements. 

Organic pharmacy also offers a variety of facial treatments such a rose crystal lymphatic drainage massage, collagen boosting facials and an enzyme peel. It also offers treatments for mothers-to-be that are safe for the baby and of course use only organic products.

In the heart of Kensington is By Sarah London’s  No.30. As an extension of its approach to skincare and wellbeing, you will be able to experience the Signature By Sarah London Organic Facial, as well as skincare, sustainability and wellness events. Every detail is designed to enhance your overall wellbeing and empower you to seize the day with a positive and conscious mind.


Located in Fitzrovia, Le Fix is a beauty salon and nail bar that only uses vegan, non-toxic products, including gel polish. The salon offers a variety of other all natural services such as brow and lash treatments and a make-up service. A good one to visit before a holiday or big event! 

Another one of our favourites is Ama’s nail bar, which offers traditional manicure and pedicure treatments with polish and gel brands (such as Kure Bazaar) that are up to 90% natural, 10-free, vegan and cruelty free. 

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Conventional hair dyes contain damaging additives that are harmful both for you and the environment as they contain chemicals such as formaldehyde, ammonia and peroxide. Glasshouse salon in London works with all natural and organic products and dyes from Organic Colour Systems to minimise its impact on the environment and leave your hair healthy and nourished, not dry. It doesn’t stop there, as you can imagine, hygiene is a top priority for any respectable salon, and Glasshouse uses only natural, non-toxic products to clean its space! It also has a little beauty bar where it sells natural and organic beauty products from some of our favourite brands like RMS and Ilia beauty. P.S. the complimentary herbal tea or coffee served in hand-thrown Kana London mugs makes the whole experience even more indulgent. 

Hair removal 

If you’re not a fan of shaving (even if you use a safety razor to avoid single-use plastic) or waxing, sugaring is a treatment you might enjoy. Well, maybe not enjoy per se, but that might feel like a good fit. Sugaring is an ancient egyptian practice and requires only three simple ingredients: sugar, lemon and water. It’s vegan, natural, and doesn’t contain anything chemical or toxic. Hand sugaring also allows for no waste at all to be left behind as no strips and sticks are needed like waxing does, which also means it’s more hygenic and you don’t need to worry about double-dipping. That being said, you will want to get this done by a professional and your best bet is Sugaring London based in Notting Hill and King’s Cross.


If you’re looking for your next deep tissue massage with the most wonderful, natural and organic oils, look no further than Neil’s Yard. It also offers Ayurvedic massages, acupuncture and baby massages, amongst other treatments. Fair warning: you will become slightly addicted to its rose-scented massage oil! 

If you are more into reflexology, however, Neom organics has you covered. The skin care, candle and fragrance brand uses scents to relieve stress, relax, aid sleep, boost your energy or lift your mood.

TriYoga approaches wellbeing in a holistic way and offers a variety of treatments alongside its well-known yoga classes. Hot stone massage, lymphatic drainage, foot and facial reflexology, shiatsu, pregnancy and sports massages are only a few of what’s on offer in its five locations spread across London.