Our Favourite Sustainable Slippers for Comfort and Cosiness

Image: Toast

Cosy, warm and easy-to-walk-in are our three priorities when searching for the dream slipper… just add sustainably sourced materials and artisanal production for truly satisfying home footwear. Here are a few of our favourites.

Comfort over style is a mantra that would leave the likes of Carrie Bradshaw and Miranda Priestly, quite simply, horrified. For many of us, our new working from home routines have seen our workwear wardrobes buried in the back of the closet in favour of loungewear that would otherwise be limited to evenings on the sofa. Nowadays, our favourite silk shirts and vintage dresses are saved for the rare occasion of video chats and virtual meetings; a welcome chance to show off our #30Wears creativity and to find a little slice of normality in the form of a well composed outfit.

Be it ‘leggings and knitwear’ or a dressier outfit day, there is one component our comfort-inspired work wardrobes now cannot be without – our slippers. As close to pyjamas as the working day allows, slippers have become the finishing touch with which our work day begins. The feeling of wearing slippers to work is akin to that of combining your Vejas with a pair of tailored trousers, though seemingly less Danish it-girl and more Bridget Jones.

Sustainable shoe brands have been leading the way with much of the environmental conversation, but fortunately for our comfort, some of our favourites are breaching out into a comfier form of footwear too. Sustainable slippers made of 100% natural materials and grounded in the work of artisans are out there ready for all your WFH needs; here are some of our favourites.


Toast’s slipper range has something for everyone: felted wool and suede for the ultimate cosiness, or a braided jute clog that would be best paired with a kimono and woollen two-piece. Its emphasis lies on the handcrafted production in Nepal and Bangladesh, each style relying on the use of natural materials and artisanal techniques by small-scale co-operatives to craft an ethical slipper that doesn’t compromise on luxury.


Handmade using traditional felting techniques originating from Central Asia, Kyrgies’ house shoes are crafted by artisans in Kyrgyzstan using locally sourced wool that is produced and treated in the mountains of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Inspired by global cultures where wearing shoes indoors is frowned upon, Kyrgies’ ethos is grounded in creating a sanctuary within your home and leaving your stresses at the door.


tried-and-tested favourite at Eco-Age, Allbirds offer the perfect balance of considering both the planet and our comfort. Made from responsibly grown and sustainably harvested eucalyptus pulp, its Tree Breezer shoe is soft enough to pass for a slipper, while still being smart enough to wear to the office. Though Allbirds ensures to balance any emissions from its production, each item comes with a handy starting footprint, encouraging consumers to assess the measurement “like a nutrition label for your closet”.


Designed in Switzerland and handmade in Nepal, Baabuk’s emphasis is on the naturally biodegradable and sustainable qualities of wool. Having crafted its slippers from 100% natural materials, right down to the crepe rubber soles, its fully traceable supply chain enables consumers to ensure sustainable practices down to the washing process of the original wool fibres. In light of the current global situation, Baabuk have created a donation program, ‘You Care, We Care’ where for every donation purchased, a pair of slippers will be offered to one of the front-line workers.


Focusing on creating classic slippers that will be adored by all, Toms offer something for everyone: be it vegan options, slip-ons, or slippers adorned with pom-poms. With a commitment to ethical production and transparent supply chains, they are all produced with sustainability at the forefront. Ordinarily, Toms’ One for One scheme means that with every purchase, a portion of your money is put towards improving communities around the world – currently, its Global Giving Fund is helping to support long time partners on the frontline of fighting coronavirus.


Inspired by traditional Polish footwear, Onaie’s slippers combine artisan techniques from the Polish Highlands with the use of by-product leather to create a luxurious slipper. Committed to using 100% natural materials, its range of slippers prioritise softness and warmth, relying on techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation. For cosiness, its traditional mules offer warmth like no other slipper, with its alternative Daisy Embroidered style is instead a more delicate, spring-ready slipper.

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