The Best Wellness Apps to Download Today

With the busy holiday season upon us, have wellness at the tip of your fingers with our favourite apps. 

Our busy schedules often don’t allow us to drop into that much needed 7am yoga class or eat healthy home-cooked meals on a daily basis. Elevated stress levels don’t help our sleep pattern, making us feel a little all over the place especially during colder months. Manage your sleep cycle, make nourishing food with the help of easy recipes, take 10 minutes to meditate or squeeze in a workout with the help of our favourite of wellness apps listed below.


Headspace brings you guided meditation and mindfulness techniques to apply to stressful situations. The app has hundreds of different mediations on different subjects, 2-3 minute ‘mini meditations’ for busy days, as well as emergency sessions for moments of panic or anxiety. The perfect app to reset your mind and find more balance. 

Calm is another great meditation app focused on deep sleep, calming anxiety and breathing programs. Ranging from three to 25 minutes you can choose the perfect length for you to ensure that you can commit to the practice on a daily basis. 


Charity Miles
is a favourite of ours. This app allows you to earn money for a charity of your choice while running, walking or biking. Members have already earned over $2.5 million for charities including Habitat for Humanity, Girl Up and many more. It’s time to move with purpose! 

8fit provides personalised workouts, customised meal plans and recipes. The workouts are between 15-20 minutes and can be done at home without any fancy equipment – ideal for a busy schedule. 


Deliciously Ella‘s app is a treasure box of healthy, whole and nutrious recipes, which are all plant-based and easy to make. To ensure you have at least a few healthy meals a week, make a bigger portion of one of these recipes and store them in the fridge. It will save you time and money while keeping you healthy. (P.S. The team are launching a new app soon with even more recipes, shopping lists and yoga videos that you might want to hold out for – you heard it here first)

WaterMinder helps you keep track of your daily intake of water by logging what you consume, providing daily reminders to help you keep hydrated. 


Sleepcycle is an intelligent alarm clock that tracks your sleep pattern during the night as you go through different sleep phases using a patented technology, and only wakes you up at the optimal time – when your sleep is the lightest in a predefined 30-minuted time window. Waking up from deep sleep can leave you feeling very tired whereas waking up when your sleep is lighter will leave you feeling more rested and energised. 

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