Bringing Business To Life: Re:Mind Studio

One year after its launch, Re:Mind Meditation Studio has become a haven of zen amongst the big city chaos of London. We spoke to co-founder Yulia Kovaleva about how Re:Mind first came about and what role sustainability has played in the construction of the studio and its eco-friendly lifestyle shop.

How did you first get into meditation?

I moved to London just over ten years ago. Having gone through an initial period of going out, a lot, whilst studying full-time at SOAS, I began to yearn for something deeper in my life and a way to combat the stress of the city. It was around this time that I began to learn about meditation. I didn’t realise it at the time, but it would push me onto a path that would become a huge part of my life. Since then, the practise of mindfulness and meditation has helped me remain grounded throughout any obstacles I’ve faced. 

What inspired you to launch Re:Mind?

Re:Mind was born out of the desire to bring a space solely dedicated to meditation with qualified instructors to London. My co-founder, Carla von Anhalt, and I had travelled around the US and Asia extensively and noticed that there was a critical gap in the British market. With the endless push of modern-day life, we felt a space where you could escape to reset your mind was imperative. 

What is your mission or ambition for the business?

Our mission is to continue encouraging the public to take up meditation, whether or not its in our studio. We hope that we’re viewed as a rejuvenating and non-intimidating space that helps people get started with their practise. 

We want to be as welcoming as possible and have introduced male-focused meditation classes, as well as parent and toddler/baby reiki sessions on Wednesdays so parents can re-connect with their little ones and partners. 

Hopefully we’ll also be able to expand our offering in terms of studios so we can bring some zen to the rest of the London. 

What have been your biggest milestones and triumphs so far?

Without a doubt, the birth of my son (who is turning 4 soon!) and the successful launch of the studio. Managing both has not been an easy process and I’ve been thankful that I can rely on my meditation practise to help with the stress. 

In your retail space you sell a range of conscious products, how do you see the relationship between wellness and sustainability?

For us, wellness and sustainability are inextricably linked and we’ve tried to reflect this within our space by stocking natural community-led brands like Hackney Herbal Co, Poppy & Someday, to waste reduction ones like Keep Cups and cleansing crystal water bottles. We champion proactive and socially conscious purchasing, from the products we use on our bodies to what we consume and want to give our clients those options, too. 

What have been your sustainable priorities when building the business? And how have they evolved?

Our main priority was to create an eco-friendly space. When we launched the studio, we designed it using reclaimed materials including chemical-free wood and reclaimed doors. We also incorporated air filtration technology and an abundance of air-purifying plants and salt lamps to ensure the space would be a pollution-free zone.  

The eco-shop came afterwards and actually grew quite organically. We only carry brands and items that we love. Over time, we found ourselves incorporating more and more of the brands and items that we loved. We’ve encountered many of them in our travels overseas and wanted to bring them to our clients. 

How challenging is it to maintain your eco principles as you grow?

It has actually been relatively easy for us (fingers crossed!). We often find ourselves quite pleased when brands or collaborators approach us as they recognise straight away that an eco-friendly and sustainable image isn’t something we’d ever compromise. We hope to keep growing and will always maintain our commitment to being an environmentally-friendly venture. 

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