Celebrating Earth Day 2018 with The GCC Earth Mob

For the 2018 Earth Day in London, at The Edition Hotel, we gathered some of our favorite Eco-Age gang members creating  the inaugural GCC Earth Mob to celebrate Earth Day in a slightly different way.

Beautiful poet Wilson Oryema read some of his WAIT poetry on consumerism before crowd sourcing words from the audience to gift guests with a “on the spot” poem to take home.

Journalist Lucy Siegle, busy finishing her book “Turning the Tide on Plastics” coming out this Summer, talked about the need for ”plastic surgery” beyond cue tips and drinks straws while television broadcaster June Sarpong went beyond environmental degradation into her story for Diversify.org making the case for an inclusive society that would make Earth Day every day.

Model and sustainability advocate Arizona Muse challenged the audience with the meaning of words around sustainability (starting from the word itself) and Doina Ciobanu, blogger and model, talked about the power of social media for social good and why is always important to ask questions and go in search of the stories behind what we wear.

And our Livia Firth premiered Fashion-Scapes: Forever Tasmania a stunning new short movie directed by Andrew Morgan (The True Cost, The Heretic) Livia journeys into a new supply chain to one of the earth’s most biodiverse regions to meet wool growers turned earth-defenders. Watch it here.

Alice Temperley
Arizona Muse
Doina Ciobanu, Arizona Muse, Livia Firth, June Sarpong and Eunice Olumide
Jasmine Hemsley
Lucy Siegle