12 Amazing Companies That Plant Trees When You Shop

It’s National Tree Day Down Under this Sunday, and what better way to mark it then by taking a look at our favourite companies that are planting plenty of lovely trees.

Recent studies show that tree-planting has a ‘mind-blowing potential’ to combat climate change, with scientists estimating that a worldwide planting programme could remove two-thirds of all the emissions caused by human activities. This is an astonishing figure, made no less incredible by the staggering simplicity of the solution it offers up: planting trees is relatively cheap, doesn’t require any advancements in technology and can be done right now, by any one of us. Cool, huh?

In terms of tree planting, Australia is aiming to have planted a billion trees by 2050 as part of its strategy to meet the Paris Climate Goals. Their National Tree Day, which was set up in 1996 by Olivia Newton-John and Planet Ark, has evolved into Straya’s biggest community tree planting and nature protection event – with 300,000 people participating each year! 

Here at Eco-Age, we bough down to Australia’s wisdom and definitely agree that the world needs as many trees as possible. Although flying across the world to join in may not be the most environmentally friendly way to get involved, you can always show your love for trees through your habits as a consumer. Choosing to support companies who choose planting trees over profit margins could mean a lot for the planet in the long run. With this in mind we’ve picked 10 of our favourite to get you going on your tree-planting mission.

Sapling Spirits

We’re starting with this amazing brand, because, given the current state of the planet, we could all use a drink. The innovative chaps behind Sapling had a brainwave a year back: the alcohol industry is pretty popular and lucrative, so why not harness this as a force for good? Thus Sapling vodka was born. As well as being distilled in the UK from 100% British wheat (thus cutting down each bottle’s carbon footprint massively) the team at Sapling also plant a tree for every bottle produced. We’ll raise our glasses to that.


Who ever knew you could plant a load of trees by doing something as simple and easy as surfing the web? The clever folk at Ecosia, that’s who! So far Ecosia users have planted nearly 63 million trees and counting. Just imagine, if you use Ecosia whilst purchasing products from other tree-planting companies… Yes, that’s a lot of trees.

Will & Bear

Inspired by a road trip across the vast continent of Aus, Will & Bear sells a range of beautiful, fair trade and ethically-produced handmade hats, made out of natural materials. From beanies to fedoras, every hat comes with plenty of those chilled Aussie vibes. And you’ll feel even cooler wearing it and knowing that the grand total of 10 trees has been planted because of you and your purchasing decisions. Sweet as!

Leo’s Box 

Look out Greta, there’s a new eco kid in town. Founded by 16-year old Lysander, Leo’s Boxis a beauty/skincare subscription service with a big difference. For just £27/month Leo’s Box will bring you a selection of the best beauty products around, all-natural, sustainably-made and environmentally-friendly of course. As well as giving cleaning up your beauty regime, Leo’s Box will also plant trees for the box you order, meaning you can support a small (and young) business, save the planet and keep your skin looking fabulous all in one fell swoop.

Tree Tribe

Credits: Image credit: @consciouslifehacks_

In case you didn’t get it from their name, Tree Tribe is super committed to planting trees and protecting the environment. It does this by planting a tree for each product sold (up to 400,000 currently), as well as using upcycled polyester for its leggings and a plant-based alternative for its wallets and bags – you won’t be-leaf it’s not real leather! The brand’s philosophy is that trees are ‘the lungs of the earth’ and, as yoga has taught us, it’s really important to breathe.


We all know travel is bad for the environment, right? But we also know that everyone suddenly stopping doing it is about as likely as Donald Trump joining Greenpeace… So instead, we suggest you do it in a kynder way. Kynder features the best eco-conscious and ethical hotels, eateries and wineries around the globe, leaving you free to travel safe in the knowledge that at least the wining and dining spots you’re choosing will benefit both people and the planet. It also partners with One Tree Planted, meaning you’ll be putting roots down wherever you go.

Baron Fig

If (like me) you’re a self-confessed stationery geek then we definitely recommend checking out Baron Fig. Simple, elegant and beautiful yet well-designed, functional and efficient, it does notebooks, pens and bags like no other. Seriously, these are the things (stationery) dreams are made of. Another aspect which pushes Baron Fig’s dreaminess rating up and off the charts is the fact that it plants a tree for every Confidant (its original notebook) sold. It is currently on 204,706 trees and counting.


Channel your inner hipster with Forestry’s great range of laid back beanies. The company motto here is ‘As We Grow, You Grow’, meaning, in a literal sense, that it plants a tree for every item sold. So, next time you’re browsing for the web for a new beanie, t-shirt or hoodie, keep the Forest(ry) in mind.

Trinity Oaks

This California-based winery has plenty of eco-credentials without even mentioning its ‘One Bottle One Tree’ programme. But, seeing as we’re giant fans of both wine and trees, it’s what we’ll focus on. Effectively, it’s pretty much what it says on the tin (or wine bottle): for every bottle of wine sold, Trinity Oaks plants a tree. So far it’s up to 21 million, which either reflects on how much people love trees or on how much they love wine. We’ll settle with it being a beautiful combination of the two.


It’s official, Rolexes are sooo last century. Welcome to the new era, where watches are now made from reclaimed and recycled wood. Not only are these eco-tickers made from natural, non-toxic materials, but they also look the part too. What’s more, WeWOODplants a tree for every watch sold, aiming to plant one million trees by 2020. Will you help them? We would.


If your wardrobe desperately needs sprucing up, then look no further than tentree. A certified B-Corp, it has completely raised the tree-planting game and will sow a grand total of 10 trees (hence the name…) per item bought. Meaning when you buy a wardrobe, you plant a forest. Plus, the simple yet elegant design of their clothes is spot on: ‘tree-hugging eco-chic’ is definitely the look we’re falling for this (and every) season.


Light up your life with one of Barenaturals‘ beautiful, delicious-smelling candles. Each candle you buy supports the reforestation of 10 trees in places like Nepal, Haiti, Madagascar and Indonesia. We love how the brand beautifully sums up the act of ‘conscious consumerism’ in just one sentence: become part of a positive impact movement and turn everyday products into tools that repair the dents in our universe.’ We think we’ve just met our new flame.

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