Diesel Launches New ‘For Responsible Living’ Sustainability Strategy with Eco-Age

A concrete commitment to both people and planet, the launch of ‘For Responsible Living’ marks the beginning of a significant journey for Diesel. With the help of Eco-Age, the historic denim brand has welcomed in the new decade with a promise of action which will benefit both current and future generations. 

As we enter 2020, an increased awareness of our responsibility towards our planet is rapidly changing how individuals and businesses think. The definition of success has adapted along with our increased urgency for climate action; it is no longer represented by numbers on a spreadsheet and growth has begun to be understood in terms of intellectual evolution. As a company which understands the importance of sustainability in future-proofing the planet, it therefore seems fitting for Diesel to welcome in the new year by building on its ‘For Successful Living’ motto and launching a new sustainability strategy: ‘For Responsible Living.’

The strategy marks the beginning of a new decade for the historic brand. “Today we face a new vital challenge, the biggest one yet – as we become more and more aware of the social, economic, and environmental impacts of the fashion industry at large,” confirms Renzo Rosso, president of the OTB group and founder of Diesel. “People are thinking about how to save the world, how to give a better planet to our children and how to be responsible. This is what we want to do with Eco-Age; every day we must be thinking about how to do things in a more modern way.”

Building upon the brand’s philosophy and positively disruptive outlook, Diesel has formally committed to implementing a responsible business strategy that is respectful of both people and planet. With the help of Eco-Age, it has created a holistic strategy that stretches across the product and supply chain as well as creating a company-wide culture of sustainability. “The strategy is all about solid roots,” says Eco-Age’s CEO Nicola Giuggioli, “so we created four pillars which will drive it in the future; Be the alternative, Stand for the planet, Celebrate individuality, and Promote integrity.”

The commitments include the continuous innovation of materials and packaging as well as a pledge to minimise greenhouse gas emissions and reduce its carbon footprint. With the launch of ‘For Responsible Living,’ Diesel has also resolved to celebrate individuality within the company and enhance the traceability of its products by promoting positive practices amongst suppliers.

Over the coming months, the brand will define measurable targets for the future, continually and publicly track progress, and demonstrate its commitment to responsible business to future generations. With Eco-Age’s support, it will also look to partner with organisations local to its global territories in order to enhance its community impact. 

“Eco-Age has accompanied Diesel for the last few months to set the framework of ‘For Responsible Living,’ explains Livia Firth, co-founder and creative director. ‘I salute Renzo Rosso for publicly taking this bold step and starting a difficult journey. It takes courage and commitment and I know Renzo has plenty of both. The team were already doing a lot of work, so together we created a framework and a structure, and defined together clear goals for the future that will ensure Diesel’s continuing success in a changing world.”

From left: Nicola Giuggioli, Renzo Rossi, Livia Firth and Andrea Rosso explain Diesel’s new sustainability strategy


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