DIY Beauty: Body Treatments

Do-it-yourself beauty recipes are both great for the soul and for the environment. Our selfcare recipes aim to inspire a moment of calm at the end of a busy day; combining plastic-free, natural ingredients and investing some time in yourself to leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvinated. These DIY body treatments are designed to scrub, smoothe and soften your skin and leave you smelling delicious.   

Olive Oil Body Scrub

As summer starts to show itself in endless blue skies and lighter evenings, prep your skin with this Mediterranean inspired sugar scrub. The mix of olive oil and brown sugar both exfoliates and moisturises to leave your skin smooth and hydrated. The essential oil drops are optional here as the lemon and olive scent is enough in itself, however a few drops of neroli or patchouli would balance perfectly. 

Christmas Coffee Scrub

There’s nothing like a citrusy, spiced scent to leave you feeling festive. This scrub will not only leave your skin smooth and party dress ready, but also uses up those leftover coffee grounds that otherwise only end up in the bin. Rub over dry skin and wash off in the shower, and make sure to moisturise after to leave your skin silky smooth.

Bath Salts for Glowing Skin

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as a bath, with the natural magnesium in the salts perfect for soothing muscles. Rose, geranium and chamomile essential oils help to calm irritated skin and leave you with a glowing complexion. Simply combine the carrier oil with the essential oils and mix through the salts and dried flowers. Add half a cup of the mixture loose into your bath and soak. If you’d rather not sit in amongst the flowers, fill a cotton bag with your mix and leave it to infuse as you relax.

Almond Cuticle Balm

Extreme temperatures and busy days can leave our hands feeling dry and a little unloved. This super nourishing cuticle balm is easy to apply before bed and will leave your nails stronger and hands softer come morning. 

Autumn Lotion Bar

A solid moisturiser, this autumn inspired lotion bar will leave your skin silky smooth and deliciously citrusy. Melt down everything bar the essential oils in a bain-marie. Take off the heat and stir in your essential oils. Set in a silicone mould or keep in a reusable tin. 

Lemon & Honey Sugar Scrub

As jumpers and jeans begin to be regular features in our wardrobes, don’t forget to take some time to care for your skin. This lemon and honey sugar scrub is best applied to damp and clean skin. Simply mix together all the ingredients and scrub. It can be kept in the fridge in between uses and used regularly throughout the week – just don’t forget to moisturise afterwards!

Almond & Orange Blossom Hand Cream

This DIY hand cream is great for softening your hands and leaving them smelling of sweet almond and citrus. Simply heat and mix the carrier oils together until melted, then add in the essential oils and leave to cool. 

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