Eco-Age Celebrates Italian Launch

Milan business world comes together to toast the launch of Eco-Age Italia during a fun night at sustainable new iconic venue Gesto.

Last night guests including Carlo Capasa, Angela Missoni, Rossana Orlandi, Simone Cipriani, Ginevra Rossini and Giulia Valentina joined Eco-Age founders Livia Firth and Nicola Giuggioli, together with Eco-Age senior management team from London (Harriet Vocking, Chief Brand Officer; Dolly Jones, Chief Digital Officer; Simon Evans, Head of Sustainability; Caroline West, Head of People and Culture) to toast the launch of our new Eco-Age Italia office, established to serve existing clients who operate within the Italian market alongside new clients, exclusive to the Italian branch. Eco-Age CEO Nicola Giuggioli will lead the office with a dedicated sustainability and communications team.

Two veterans of the Italian editorial and fashion system joined Eco-Age Italia: Massimo Leonardelli as Public Relations and Cristina Pezzini as Partnerships. Valentina Fragomeni joined the company as Head of Events.

Alessio P. Lucattelli and Martina Lucattelli, the brother and sister duo behind San Papiers – Biere de l’Air, kindly supplied their beautiful venue Gesto for the evening alongside the duo’s eco-sustainable beer. The launch event also announced San Papiers as Eco-Age’s latest client. In keeping with the Eco-Age ethos, the mission of San Papiers is to use water extracted directly from the humidity of the air, through a machine powered by renewable energies, creating, the world’s first totally eco-sustainable beer.

“When I had the idea for Eco-Age I had just graduated from university and looked at England as the country to start this adventure,” said Nicola. “I am very excited to now start the expansions of our offices globally, starting from the country I am from.”

“We are so excited to open Eco-Age Italia – and to bring home all the expertise acquired throughout the years,” added Livia. “We look forward to start working in our native country more and more as so much is happening there in the sustainability space.”

Carlo Capasa, Livia Firth and Simone Cipriani
Ginevra Rossini with Giulia Valentina
Sabine Brunner, Livia Firth, Angela Missoni and JJ Martin
Valentina Siragusa
Nicola Giuggioli, Rossana Orlandi and Livia Firth
Carlo Capasa and Tiziano Guardini

If you’re planning to visit Milan, home of the Eco-Age Italia office, see our sustainable travel guide for tips on what to see and where to go.