Eco-Age Launches in Italy

We are excited to announce the opening of a new Italian Eco-Age office to serve existing clients who operate within the Italian market alongside new clients who will be exclusive to the Italian branch.

Our CEO and co-founder Nicola Giuggioli will lead the office in Milan with a dedicated sustainability and communications team: “When I had the idea for Eco-Age I had just graduated from university and looked at England as the country to start this adventure,” he says. “I am very excited to launch the global expansion of our business, starting from the country I am from.” 

“We’re thrilled to bring home all the expertise acquired throughout the years,” says Livia Firth, co-founder and creative director, who started working in Italy with the launch of the Green Carpet Fashion Awards during Milan Fashion Week two years ago. “We’re looking forward to working in our native country more and more as so much is happening there in the sustainability space.”

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