3 Long-Lasting Umbrellas to Keep You Dry

As the rain falls in London, our trusty umbrella is our favourite outfit accessory – and finding one that’s going to last is a worthwhile investment. Here are some of our favourite long-lasting, environmentally-conscious umbrellas.

The umbrella – a true British essential. It protects us from the rain, snow and sleet, keeping our ethical outfits dry as we dodge the puddles. During the winter months the streets are awash with umbrellas, and navigating our way around other brolly holders, trying our hardest to avoid poking anyone in the eye becomes a daily ritual. With gale force winds they can blow us up and down the street, offering up a Mary Poppins moment with just a little (or a lot in my case) less grace.

Umbrellas come in all shapes and sizes – there are the grand golf umbrellas that shelter two huddled together with arms intertwined; compact umbrellas that fit into the smallest of bags just in case of a drizzle or a downpour; and those cute, translucent, bubble umbrellas with coloured edges that brighten even the dampest of days.  But low quality, often cheap and ‘emergency buy’ umbrellas will inevitably be short-lived, breaking as soon as strong winds hit if they aren’t lost before then. So as the humble umbrella is a real necessity throughout the rainy season, it’s well worth investing in a durable brolly built to last.  

We’ve scoured the internet for long-lasting umbrellas, along with those using more environmentally responsible materials, and here are our three favourites…

London Undercover

London Undercover is a British rainwear brand, passionate about craftsmanship, design and sustainability. Its umbrellas are made using recycled materials, such as recycled aluminium frames and recycled PET fabric. It also offers a repairs service to help you keep dry for winters to come.



Davek’s umbrellas come with an unconditional lifetime guarantee, so should it fail to function it will be repaired or replaced it for free! They’re built to endure stormy weather, made with steel and a fibreglass reinforced frame. Davek dare the rain to pour, they’re that confident in the protective qualities of their umbrellas.

Available on BuyMeOnce.

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen’s umbrella with signature skull-shaped handle is made in Italy from ECONYL® yarn – a regenerated nylon composed of upcycled fishing nets and other waste rescued from oceans and landfills across the globe. Read about a fishing net rescue mission off the coast of the Aeolian Islands with Healthy Seas to collect plastic waste for ECONYL® yarn.