#EcoTogether: A Letter From Livia Firth

Livia Firth writes a letter on the current situation regarding COVID-19, the importance of solutions for our future, and why Eco-Age will try to use its voice to try to spread a feeling of community, friendship and togetherness.

The most frequent term used to describe the period we are living in is ‘weird.’ I get many messages and emails from all over the world saying that we are living in ‘weird times.’ I started to think about this – words such as ‘worrying’ or ‘terrifying’ are being used much less (despite people bulk buying toilet paper for some strange reason) as we struggle to define this uncertain future. 

‘Weird’ is correct. We carry the sense that the situation is critical and very serious, but at the same time we know that we were living in a system which was not in equilibrium, and that something, at some point, would have broken.

And so it did – or it is in the process of breaking right now.

Weird times, indeed.

We needed a shock, and shocks are never gentle. People now are dying, borders are closing, the economy is crashing. It all feels brutal and well, shocking.

But in the midst of turmoil, some narratives are already emerging. We are rediscovering friendships and a sense of community; the pollution is drastically reducing as a result of factories shutting or slowing down, of less planes flying around. We are talking about ‘sustainability” in the real sense of the word – how we will sustain ourselves through this? 

‘What are the solutions for the future of our humanity’ is not the favourite topic at global conferences anymore, but a reality which needs to be implemented – today. One example? We have been talking about sharing economy forever, now we are faced with what this will actually mean.

I loved Naomi Klein’s book ‘On Fire’ – she wrote it before COVID-19 took over the world, advocating for the need of urgently implementing a ‘Marshall Plan’ for the future of our society: “We need a major operating system upgrade, a plan to roll up our sleeves and actually get the job done.” Her call fell unnoticed, and so the shock arrived to wake us all up.

So let’s get the job done! What this Marshall Plan will look like is up to us to design, and we are ready for it. Through dark times, so many opportunities lie ahead of us. At Eco-Age we continue working with the same passion – although for the moment from our homes and all connected to each other through technological magic. 

We are here with you and for you – #EcoTogether, forever. Through these weird times we will work with you and spread a feeling of solidarity and positivity, as well as seeing how we can all come together and support each other. We are eager to hear your solutions for the future, from start-ups that already exist to ideas which need developing. Join the conversation by using our #EcoTogether hashtag to share your messages, and we will work together to make it happen.

Love, Livia