GCFA, Italia 2020: This Year’s Green Carpet Fashion Award Winners

Discover who won what at this year’s special virtual edition of the Green Carpet Fashion Awards, Italia 2020.

Tonight, the winners of the fourth edition of the Green Carpet Fashion Awards, Italia 2020 (GCFA) were unveiled in a ceremony like no other. The premiere of the 4th edition of the GCFA, hosted by Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana (CNMI), in collaboration with Eco-Age, and with the support of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the Italian Trade Agency (ITA)  aired globally this evening on Sky and YouTube Fashion Channel.

This evening, following the first ever digital green carpet featuring stars such as Julianne Moore and Robert Downey Jnr, the world was invited into Milan’s iconic La Scala as it was transformed into a virtual terrarium where this year’s awards were reinvented to celebrate exceptional individuals and companies that have transformed the possibilities of fashion this year.

Directed by Grammy-nominated Giorgio Testi and produced by Emmy Award winner Pulse Films, this revolutionary show designed by NorthHouse combines cinematic footage with a fusion of augmented reality and visual FX created using real-time game engines, and with the world’s leading talent and opinion formers appearing as holograms courtesy of ARHT Media.

The show celebrated five awards, each representing the values we want to see embraced to mark the beginning of a new era.  

The winners each received the now iconic GCFA statuette, designed by Chopard, depicting a woman, whose long braid and the apple she is holding are produced in Fairmined-certified ethical gold with a robe made of aluminium to lend a lighter touch.

The 2020 Green Carpet Fashion Award winners:

The GCFA Visionary Award: Zendaya
The GCFA Best Independent Designer Award: Sindiso Khumalo
The CNMI Responsible Disruption Award: Progetto Quid
The GCFA North Star Award: The UN for the UN Sustainable Development Goals
The GCFA Art Of Craftsmanship Award: Italian Artisans

Winners received an ethical gold statuette, designed by Chopard.

Zendaya Received the GCFA Visionary Award, Introduced by Bethann Hardison

Emmy award-winning actress Zendaya was the recipient of this year’s GCFA Visionary Award, which recognises trailblazers in the industry who have been at the forefront of fashion and lead the way in important issues such as sustainability, equality and diversity.

“The winner tonight not only has long been leading the charge to increase both inclusivity and diversity in fashion,” said model Bethann Hardison, who introduced the award, “But also she has considered how she can personally make a difference in the industry, using her platform as an actress and as a creative to open doors and give a voice to those who otherwise would not be able to showcase their talent.

“We admire and celebrate her aim to create a more accurate reflection of the world in which she lives in.”

Thanking Bethann, Zendaya responded via video message: “You are an icon and a true trailblazer in this fashion industry…you inspire me every day.  Of the award, she said: “This is an incredible honour – it means the world to me.

“Throughout my career I’ve had the privilege of being able to showcase other and different types of beauties through the work that I get to do, and being in more positions of power, more creative positions, and I hope to continue to be able to do that until this industry really does reflect the beauty that I get to see every day,” adding that she is “so excited for the future of this industry.”

Sindiso Khumalo Received The GCFA Best Independent Designer Award, Presented by Maisie Williams.

Cape Town-based designer Sindiso Khumalo was announced as the winner of The GCFA Best Independent Designer Award by actress Maisie Williams. Sindiso was selected as the winner from 16 shortlisted independent designers, who have all been recognised for their outstanding contributions to the fashion industry and relevant awards over the past 12 months. 

“What a privilege to be honoured for the work that we do in sustainability,” said Sindiso, dedicating her win to the “amazing artisans” she works with across South Africa.

“I started my brand with the premise of being a modern-day Robin Hood: to create luxury clothing that will eventually help the poorest and most vulnerable in our society; to create a change for our continent, and create a new future for our youth. This award reaffirms that dream.”

Progetto Quid Received The CNMI Responsible Disruption Award, Presented by Iman

Supermodel and philanthropist Iman presented Progetto Quid founder Anna Fiscale with The CNMI Responsible Disruption Award.

The CNMI Responsible Disruption award celebrates disruptive forces and those who courageously make the impossible, possible,” introduced Iman. “This year’s winner is Progetto QUID, which since 2013 designs, produces and distributes fashion collections made of first quality end-of-line fabric, offering career opportunities to those who would otherwise struggle on the job market, especially to women.”

Progetto Quid now employs 142 people, of which 70% are vulnerable women. Thanks to their circular supply chain, they have prolonged the life-cycle of over 855km of fabric partnering with over 50 textile manufacturers, mills and brands across Italy’s traditional fashion districts.

“And in under 3 weeks of covid emergency, Progetto Quid successfully reconverted their production to reusable and rewashable protective face-masks,” added Iman.

“Fashion can change the world, sometimes for worse, but many times for better,” said Progetto Quid founder Anna Fiscale, accepting the award. “This is why I created Quid.

“We are a social enterprise on a mission to gently disrupt the Made In Italy fashion system… Thank you for believing that through a more sustainable and equitable fashion industry, together with customers, and suppliers, designers and seamstresses, we can change the world.”

The UN Received The GCFA North Star Award, Presented by Nomzamo Mbatha

“Sustainability requires us to apply principles from the natural world to human made systems,” introduced actress and human rights activist Nomzamo Mbatha. “It demands the best thinkers to un-think and reformat, the best designers to un-pick and rebuild and the most fearless to insist that this happens. The North Star award singles out organisations or individuals that show extraordinary leadership.”

Announcing this year’s winner as the UN, Nomzamo said: “The Sustainable Development Goals, which have been called one of the most impactful initiatives of our times, should not only be a vision for every business, but we believe that they can’t be achieved without meaningful partnerships with the global business community, for which fashion plays a pivotal role.”

Tatiana Valovaya, Director General of UN Geneva, received the North Star award on behalf of the UN and its work on sustainability. “We are receiving this award in a very important year for the United Nations,” she said. “This year marks the 75th anniversary of the United Nations, and we are celebrating this very important anniversary, of course we are thinking about the future. We are thinking about the future all of us want.”

Italy’s Artisans Received The GCFA Art Of Craftsmanship Award, supported by San Pellegrino, Presented by Colin Firth

“There’s a story woven into everything we wear. A human hand, a human experience in the fabric pressed against our skin makes it our story too,” said actor Colin Firth, announcing that Italy’s thousands of artisans are the winners of this year’s Art of Craftsmanship Award.

“The story is a shared one. Even now, in an age of mass-production and automation, artisans across this country continue to offer us insight into a more viable path forward. Generations of craft and meticulous care, continuously evolving to engage with the pivotal times in which we now find ourselves.”

“This is why the GCFA Art of Craftmanship Award, supported by San Pellegrino, celebrates what we call the handprint of fashion, and this year goes to the hands of all the thousands of Italian artisans who, in so many ways, make up the fabric of this country.”

Watch the incredible film of this year’s Green Carpet Fashion Awards, Italia 2020 now on Sky Arts (UK), Sky Uno (Italy), Sky Atlantic (Germany, Switzerland, Austria), and YouTube Fashion Channel in all other territories.  
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