Gifts That Give Back

With Christmas fast approaching, we’re sharing our favourite gifts that also give back so you can spread the joy of the holiday celebrations around the world.

Updated October 2019

Whether it’s time, presents or hugs, the holiday season is all about giving – so this year, consider handing out gifts that also give back to help spread the joy of these holidays just a little further. Every item on this list contributes a charitable donation to environmental causes or to help someone in need. 

MARY X Gemma Cairney “I Believe in Magic” Beret

Mary Benson and Gemma Cairney sourced 500 vintage berets from Blue Rinse Vintage and upcycled them into one of a kind pieces embroidered with four different empowering statements. 5% of the profits of this “I Believe in Magic” beret go to the Young Minds Charity in support of mental health.

Rise & Fall

Give the gift of sleep this year. Rise & Fall will be donating all profits from the 3rd – 22nd December to the charity Centrepoint, the youth homelessness charity, to provide a good nights sleep to those in need this festive season. Every purchase will not only make in impactful difference but all gifts wil come ready to put under the tree. 

Together – Our Community Cookbook

In September last year the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan launched a cookbook entitled ‘Together: Our Community Cookbook’ – a collection of recipes by women whose families where affected by the tragic fire in Grenfell Tower. The book is a fundraiser to help support the community and the community kitchen, and so far more than 130,000 copies have been sold.

Christmas Bee Saver Kit

Friends of the Earth have created a special Christmas Bee Saver Kit which includes wildflower seeds, a garden planner, themes christmas cards and wrapping paper and a manual on how to make your own bee hotel. Proceeds will, of course, go to the conservation of bees.  

The Tate Bag

This Elvis and Kresse clutch is made from rescued luxury leather, decomissioned fire-hose and the lining is made with reclaimed parachute silk. Made in collaboration with Tara Button and Kate Arnell, 50% of the sales from the bag will be donated to the Fire Fighter Charity. 

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Penguin Ocean Turquoise Eco-Friendly iPhone XS Case

Pela cases are eco-friendly phone cases and are 100% compostable! The Penguin Collection donates 5% of gross sales to Oceana’s mission to protect penguins and other marine animals.

Adopt an animal with WWF

For a charity gift that’s great for children, adopt an endangered animal and support the vital work of the WWF. As well as receiving regular updates on your adopted snow leopard, urangutan, polar bear or elephant (visit WWF for the full list of animals), you can also choose to receive a cuddly toy that will fit perfectly under the Christmas tree. 

Pala Eyewear

By purchasing one of Pala Eyewear‘s sunglasses you can support eyecare projects in Africa. 

Want to know more? Read our interview with Pala founder John Pritchard.

The Mermaid Cave Eco Glitter

Most glitter is made out of microplastics, but The Mermaid Cave glitter is plant-based and biodegradable (plus, it comes in zero-waste packaging). All of its glitters are named after endangered ocean species and 10% of all profits are donated to


The Leonardo DiCaprio x Jane Goodall T-shirt

The limited edition organic cotton ‘Don’t Let Them Dissapear’ t-shirts, collaboratively made betweeen The Leonardo DiCaprio foundation and the Jane Goodall Institute will donate all proceeds to conservation projects helping long-term survival of apes. 

Organic Savanna

100% of profits from the sale of Organic Savanna‘s products, including this aloe vera and avocado soap bar, are being put towards creating jobs for Kenyan women and funding education for their children in the communities where the items are produced. Choose from lip balms, body lotions and hand washes whi are vegan, cruelty free and naturally made from locally-sourced ingredients.

A Charity Pot from Lush

The cruelty-free cosmetics brand’s body lotion in a charity pot donates 100% of the profit to small, grassroots organisations that support environmental conservation, animal welfare and human rights.

Jollie’s Socks

For every Jollie’s pair bought a pair is donated to a local homeless shelter. Socks are rarely donated and are essential to those walking the streets day and night (especially when cold!). 

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