A Guide to Eco Wrapping for Christmas

Wrap your gifts sustainably with these eco-friendly and DIY alternatives to wrapping paper, tape, strings and decorations. 

Gift wrap is tradtionally a product designed for single-use and destined for landfill. Once you rip open the wrapping paper come Christmas morning, the wrapping will be hastily discarded, stuffed into bin liners and forgotten about, generating waste that most likely is unrecyclable.  Most rolls of wrapping paper that currently found in every supermarket and card shop are not only coated with plastic, but also come wrapped in a non-recyclable plastic film or covered in glitter (aka microplastics). 

There are so many ways to wrap your consious gifts in more ethical wrapping that is either reusable, has already had a life and can be recycled or is made from natural, compostable alternatives. It’s only an added bonus that these gifts will look even more personal and special than if wrapped in store-bought paper, and you can still enjoy wrapping your thoughtful gifts in front of your favourite Christmas movie without worrying about contributing to the mounting plastic pandemic. Here are some ideas for wrapping:


Give beautifully wrapped presents without the waste with these alternative, more sustainable gift wrap ideas:

  • Offcut fabrics can make colourful stand-out gift wrap, which can be used again in the future. 
  • Wrag Wrap is a reusable wrap made from recycled fabric, which crackles like real paper and can be reused year after year.
  • Reuse old wrapping paper and gift bags – Keep hold of wrapping paper and gift bags that you receive this year so that you can use them again next Christmas.
  • If you need to buy new, choose recycled paper like Wrapped By Alice‘s 100% recycled papers or Help for Heroes‘ recycled Christmas wrapping, which also donates proceeds to support veterans. 
  • Use old newspaper instead of traditional wrapping – one of our readers suggested recycled Financial Times for a touch of pink!
  • For tissue paper with a difference, Noissue FSC certified tissue paper helps reforestation with every order made. 


Secure your wrapping with biodegradable or recyclable alternatives. 

  • Recycled paper tape will let you avoid the classic plastic tape and look way more elegant in the process. 
  • Tie your packages with eco-friendly Hemp string, Twine or Twool wool yarn.
  • Strips of scrap fabrics can also be used to tie beautiful bows and you can mix and match with the scraps used for wrapping
  • Metal or copper wire can also be used to give your gift a modern touch


Finish off your package with these Christmas themed and natural embellishments.

  • Cinnamon Sticks or Palo Santo can add a festive scent to your parcel.
  • Forage for fallen branches, foliage and Pine cones to guve your gift a natural finishing touch.
  • Tie Homemade cookies to your gift for an extra gift.
  • Add colour with Dried Orange Slices.  


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