The Handprint Of Fashion

The Handprint of Fashion – the human capital that goes into the making of fashion apparel and accessories – was the underlying theme of this year’s Green Carpet Fashion Awards, Italia, and has been brought to life by a new video that goes behind the scenes of the Italian luxury fashion industry. 

A provocative short film starring Elettra Wiedemann, from director Mary Nighy and producers White Lodge, which aims to raise awareness of the challenges faced by garment workers and jewellery producers around the world. Originally premiered at London Fashion Week at the launch of the Green Carpet Challenge Capsule Collection on Net-A-Porter in 2013.

Following the success of ‘Handprint’ in raising awareness of the people behind the garment industry, this year’s Green Carpet Fashion Awards, Italia, was dedicated to ‘The Handprint of Fashion’ – the hands that make the clothes we wear every day – with a series of new videos produced on this theme.

As the industry is often focused on measuring its environmental footprint, “by talking about the handprint of fashion we also include the decent livelihoods, community cohesion and cultural value that is abundant in Italy’s artisan-driven supply chains,” said Livia Firth. “It is critical that the public get to see as much of this incredible supply chain as possible, up close” added Carlo Carapsa, President of Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana.

The following videos, produced by Alessandro Giuggioli, directed by Michele Bevilacqua and art directed by Luca Scapparone, will take you behind the scenes of Italian luxury fashion houses, showcasing the work that goes into the creations and the incredible artisanship, as well as introducing you to the makers.

Watch last year’s Made in Italy video series

Watch the cobblers of Ferragamo create the renowed, high quality footware with incredible care and passion. 

Go behind-the-scenes of iconic Italian luxury house Agnona and watch first-hand the high level of craftsmanship that goes into every textile and item.

Frumat creates sustainable materials made out of recycled industrial organic waste. 

In a small Italian town, Monterosso Calabro, the ancient tradition of using graphite to dye fabrics has been passed down for generations. Watch how sustainable fashion brand WRAD has collaborated and developed the technique to be implemented in their clothing lines. 

Giving a modern twist to traditional recipes for dying and production, winner of the Green Carpet Fashion Awards, Italia 2017 Sustainable Supplier Award, Taroni takes you behind-the-scens of the production of GOTS certified silk fabrics. 

Explore Archivio Mazzini – an archive that has been collecting ‘Made in Italy’ garments for decades.