Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

Get crafty this Christmas with our easy and inexpensive homemade Christmas gift ideas that will delight your loved ones.

There is possibly no gift more personal or thoughtful than a handmade one. It says you’ve truly thought about what your loved one might enjoy, and you then took the time out of your busy schedule to create something with love and care. Plus there is the added bonus of skipping the holiday shopping craze, which to us sounds like heaven… Here are a few ideas that we think make for a great Christmas gift, will not take you forever to complete and are inexpensive too. 

Hot Chocolate Mix (Vegan, Refined-sugar free)

For the friend that drinks a hot chocolate daily as soon as the they have to wear a sweater (aren’t we all that person?) 

What you’ll need: 
1 cup organic raw cocao powder 
3/4 cup coconut sugar
Pinch of salt 


1 teaspoon maca powder 
1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon 
And if you really want to spice things up try adding a pinch of chilli for aztec-inspired mix 

For Gift Assembly: 

Fill into a mason jar andwrite the instructions on how to make the hot chocolate (eg. add 250ml plant-based milk) on apiece of paper wrapped around a cinnamon stick that you can tie to the jar.

Orange Vanilla Bath Salt

Make a Christmas-themed orange and vanilla bath salt, the perfect gift to be enjoyed over the holiday with a good book

What you’ll need:

2 cups Epsom Salt 
1 cup pink himalayan salt 
5 drops orange essential oil
10 drops vanilla essential oil 

Simply mix everything together. 

For Gift Assembly

Fill the mixture into a glass jar and decorate with a Christmassy-string, a bamboo spoon to help scoop out the salt and tag with the description of the contents. 

You can also try our making soothing lavender bath salt

Homemade Mulled Wine Mix

A gift you can yourself enjoy if you deliver it coupled with a bottle of organic wine. 

What you’ll need: 

2 cinnamon sticks
Dried peel from one orange
2 whole cloves
3 whole anise stars

For Gift Assembly: 

Wrap spice mix in a cloth / fabric scrap and tie with a string. You can decorate it with some foliage and a tag with instructions on how to brew the spiced wine. 

Chai Tea Mix

The perfect  gift for the tea-lover to be consumed with some delicious sweet treats. 

What  you’ll need: 
10 tsp black tea 
3 (chopeed/short) cinnamon sticks 
30gr chopped dried cranberries 
1/2 dried orange peel in chunks or grated 

For Gift Assembly: 
Place the loose leaf tea mix into a small jar, coupled with a bamboo spoon to serve and a small steel sieve. 

Gingerbread Granola (Vegan, Refined-sugar free)

For anyone who loves to have a healthy breakfast and will enjoy this home-cooked recipe. 

What you’ll need:

100gr oats
100gr pecans 
100gr almonds 
50gr pumpkin seeds
50gr sunflower seeds 
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon 
1 teaspoon ground ginger 
1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg 
3 tablespoons organic coconut oil 
3 tablespoons maple syrup

For Gift Assembly:

Another recipe another jar! Add a nice touch to the jar by labelling it and covering the lid with a piece of brown or red paper tied with a string and decorated with foliage and a cinnamon stick. 

Knit a Gift

If you want to get even more crafty why not make a hat, scarf or even a pair of socks for your loved ones? A gift they will get guranteed use of this winter. 

Wool & The Gang have some amazing kits and patterns to help you, no matter what stage you are at.


Pressed for time or would rather find a ready-made gift? Check out our ultimate Christmas gift guide. 

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