How to Have a Sustainable Wimbledon

Our brandmark coordinator Lori Delaney shares the Eco-Age favourites that help her prepare for the perfect Wimbledon. 

It’s that time of year again! Wimbledon is in full swing; the sun is out (for now)and supermarkets rejoice as sales of strawberries and Pimms skyrocket. Did you know that us tennis fans consume upwards of 320,000 glasses of Pimms throughout the tournament? Well, I certainly did – and my picnic is rarely without a bottle or 12.

Sporting events are tricky to navigate if you want to go green but the All England Club has made some positive changes this year; ensuring water bottles are fully recycleable while the plastic bags formally used in the racquet stringing process have been removed.

Never the less, a sustainable weekend watching Wimbledon involved forward planning and preparation so you don’t get caught out. Here’s what i’ve been doing. . . 


Where to Watch

Whether you’ve hit an ace and scored yourself a ticket to centre court, are setting up camp on Murray Mound or finding the perfect spot in and around London to watch the matches, you can work your magic and do your bit to lower your waste and celebrate as sustainability as possible.

Some of my favourite spots include Granary Square, Kings Cross, where screenings take place on the canal-side steps; Brown Hart Gardens, a few minutes’ walk from Oxford Street, is set up with a giant screen and an array of deck chairs for optimum comfort; and, of course, Canary Wharf, where the matches are broadcast in Cabot Square.

All of these London gems are free to enter and use as you will, making them the perfect place to enjoy a full day of tennis with family, friends, total strangers and a homemande picnic.

What to Wear

Despite the surprisingly glorious weather forecast for the duration of the tournament, we can’t forget that this is the UK. Anything can, and probably will, happen. I like to prepare for all ocassions, dressing for summer but preparing for monsoon season i.e make sure you bring an umbrella!

Sunscreen first. If you’re a superfan like me, it could be a long day in the sun (particularly if we have another Isner/Mahut match on our hands!) You can read all about the importance of natural sunscreen and SPF in our guide, but some of my personal favourties include De Mamiel’s Exhale Daily Hydrating Nectar (SPF30) and Antipode’s Immortal Face and Body Moisturiser (SPF 15).

Wimbledon’s top ladies Kerber and Wozniaki, amongst others, will no doubt be wearing the new Stella McCartney collaboration with Adidas. The new Wimbledon womenswear collection is made from recycled materials like plastic bottles – how exciting! You too can serve up a greener wardrobe with some of our Eco-Age faves:

Oramai London

Combining sophisticated style with a relaxed summer vibe, Oramai’s gorgeous organic linen pieces provide the perfect coverage with their lightweigh fabrics. Ideal choice if you need an outfit that transitions seamlessly in to the evening.


Birdsong provide casual chic with their fabulous jumpsuits (Top-Tip: Pair with one of their tees to protect your shoulders from the sun!). Made with handpicked, natural fabrics, their summer collection boasts bold colours that will have you standing out from the crowd (helpful when Grandma’s lost again and needs a beacon to find her way back).


For the gents, Flax London create organic linen shirts of different weights, weaves and finishes that make them super applicable for all seasons – ideal for British Summer Time.

Pala Eyewear

Sporting the right eyewear is key. Pala Eyewear have a killer selection of sunglasses from classic frames to modern takes on vintage styles. Pala founder John Pritchard recently shared his top-tips on the science behind finding the perfect pair of sunglassesto fit your face.

Alternatively, Hurr has just announced its Wimbledon edit, so, if you don’t feel like investing in a staple piece, you can always rent an outfit for the day.

Picnic Treats

Packing for the perfect plastic-free picnic is the piece de resistance when it comes to preparing for Wimbledon, though it can be tricky making sure you have enough meals and snacks to keep you going throughout the day (no one wants to lose their spot).


One of my picnic essentials at the moment are Bexfast pots – absolutely delicious jars of overnight oats that come in a variety of exciting flavours (I’m talking Caramel Crunch and Carrot Cake Batter) super satiating for the early morning start.

The Source Bulk Foods

Snacks save lives. Fact. Check out your local bulk food store for those shareable snacks you’ll be craving. The Eco-Age office is, conveniently, located near the wonderful Source Bulk Foods – sweet or savoury you’ll find your perfect snack, but i’d highly recommend their chocolate covered berries. Delish!


Forward planning is key for this one. I upgraded my Oddbox subscription to a larger size for the Wimbledon weeks. Seasonal salads are easy to prep and pop in to a container and are a great way to use up that wonky veg – pair it with Alexandra Dudley’s wild harlic and roasted almond pesto and its . game, set and match!

Karma Cola

Obviously Pimms is traditional and I intend to continue to contribute to the aforementioned statistic, but when I fancy something less boozy I’ll be reaching for a delicious Orangeade Summer from Karma Cola (they also have Gingerella and the OG Karma Cola!) or simply keep refilling me reuseable water bottle (most eateries and cafes will happily fill it up for you).

Our contributor Max La Manna recently shared his top-tips for a low-waste picnic, be sure to check that out to avoid using any unecessary plastic. 

Whatever you are doing for Wimbledon this year, we hope you enjoy!

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