5 Mindful Ways to Make the Most of Winter Weekends

Stuck for what to do this weekend? Here five ideas for making the most of cold and wet winter weekends, without even leaving the house. 

We long for the weekend throughout winter – the perfect time to hibernate and stay well clear of the goosebump-inducing cold and wet, wet weather. But how can we really make the most of a weekend holed up indoors? Here are five ideas for cold and rainy weekends:

1. Get your life admin out of the way early

A wet weekend at home is an ideal time to get tasks on your to-do list ticked off as you’re less likely to get distracted by an inviting outdoors. Get your washing and cleaning out of the way, file your paperwork, book in any overdue appointments and handle anything hanging over your head first thing on a Saturday, allowing you to really relax and unwind the rest of the weekend.

2. Reorganise your home

After watching Marie Kondo’s series on the life-changing magic of tidying up, we can’t stop assessing and organising what’s in our closets and cupboards to make sure all we own sparks joy. A winter weekend presents the perfect opportunity to re-evaluate your consumption habits and what really makes you happy, for a clutter-free and more mindful life. For summer pieces you still want to store, make sure they’re protected from hole-creating moths by keeping them safe using cedar wood or lavender-filled bags as a natural deterrent. For anything you do chose to depart with to free up space in your home and mind, dispose of it wisely. Sell, swap, donate or recycle unwanted items to keep them out of landfill.

3. Show your possessions some love

Whether it’s sewing up a hole in your go-to jumper, polishing your work shoes or glueing the handle back onto your favourite mug, it’s important to give your most-loved or most-used items a little extra care. WRAP estimates that extending the life of clothing by just nine extra months would reduce the carbon, water and waste footprints by up to 30% each, so it’s good for the planet as well as your bank balance to make your possessions last. Plus, fixing broken items can look incredibly beautiful – see the Japanese art of repairing, Kintsugi, for some inspiration.

4. Disconnect

Disconnecting from the online world is crucial when spending a weekend indoors. We often sink into the sofa, staring at the TV, our laptops or phones for hours on end. And whilst there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a good film or documentary (see our life-changing documentary recommendations), there are many benefits to taking your eyes away from glaring screens for a little while. Maybe read a book (join our book club), try some yoga or meditation, or have a long bath.

This is great at any time during the weekend, but especially on a Sunday night. Many experience Sunday night blues, with the anticipation of the work week ahead and everything that needs to be done. If you’ve got all of your chores out of the way on Saturday morning, take Sunday night for yourself. Indulge in some me-time, you deserve it!

5. Try something new

Why not start a crafty project, trial a recipe or release your inner creativity with something new this weekend? We love a DIY clothing project. Charlotte, our Sustainable Apparel & Textiles Specialist, has been providing endless ‘make it yourself’ inspiration through her Wool and the Gang knitting and embroidery creations. She recently tried out natural fabric dye with waste avocado stones (read how here).

If fashion isn’t your thing, what about food? Keep warm and experiment with what you can make by throwing foods in your cupboards together. Or, if you are willing to dash to the shops in order to make a delicious new dinner, try our soothing kitchari recipe or a warming winter bowl with cavolo nero and chickpeas – it’s worth getting your socks a little soggy for!