Life as I Know It: Sarah and Lauren Murrell

Beauty pioneers Sarah and Lauren Murrell began their mission to bring simplicity and transparency to skincare as Lauren was recovering from leukemia in 2012. Trying to find products that were kind and nourishing towards dry, sensitive skin proved to be near impossible but with some faith, trust and carefully-cultured, plant-based ingredients, Sarah began to formulate what is known as the innovative By Sarah London

We grew up very close as sisters, always playing games in the garden and inside at home too (remember Polly Pocket?). Being close in age, less than 2 years apart, also means that we have lots in common. We became even closer when Lauren was recovering from leukaemia almost 8 years ago and I made organic, plant-based skincare to soothe her sensitive skin, taking my childhood hobby of creating and making skincare more seriously – and the seeds of By Sarah London were born!

Sustainability has been part of our childhood though we didn’t call it sustainability back then. Our mum is an excellent cook and taught us the importance of using natural ingredients when cooking and the benefits to the earth that come from making organic food choices (free from synthetic pesticides, artificial chemical fertilisers, herbicides and GM crops). This mindful approach to food really taught us the importance of choices that not only benefit our health but that of the wider environment too.

When we launched By Sarah London, it was important to share the values that we have through every aspect of the brand. Our end-to-end sustainability starts with our cold pressed, organic, plant based ingredients grown in beautiful rich soils, to our amber glass bottles which can be upcycled and ultimately return to their primary state (silica sand) when recycled, to our cardboard postal boxes and packing paper which are fully recyclable – no single-use plastic or bubble wrap.

For us, sustainability is a way to show creativity and ingenuity. It’s all about the small micro steps every day and the quick wins that all add up to big change. Being sisters means that we can share clothes, and not only does it add something new to our wardrobes but it means we buy less – anything which saves more clothes from ending up in landfill is a good thing! And if we’re looking for something a little special, our friends at Hurr and Riley Studio have beautiful sustainable pieces.

With our skincare, we detail a full ingredient list on the front label of each product with lots of information on our website too. This level of transparency is what we look for in other brands as well. Really understanding what we’re buying and where it has come from is important to us. Choosing organic is one of the best ways to support a more sustainable future. But we also know there’s no single sustainability silver bullet. Being mindful, setting your intention and keeping in mind Marie Kondo’s mantra of “does it spark joy” is a great framework to navigate purchasing decisions.

We’re always looking for new sustainability innovations and recently launched our Festive Gift Sets made with a crushed grape paper sleeve – this is a UK skincare first! Made using the organic by-products from the juicing and wine industry, which otherwise would have been sent to landfill, they are processed into FSC certified and GMO free paper using 100% green energy. It’s the ready-to-go gift where no further wrapping is required, as well as a great way to be more sustainable this Christmas!