Make A Reusable Wrapping Bag For Christmas With Selkie Patterns

With reports having found that the UK uses 27,000 miles of wrapping paper each year, finding eco-alternatives is essential for keeping your gift giving low waste. Learn how to create a fabric alternative to gift wrap with Selkie Patterns, a sewing start-up encouraging us all to get a little more crafty.

Make a beautiful, reusable bag to wrap your Christmas presents with this year. More than just for wrapping, these bags can later be used as lunchboxes, produce bags, and for storage – use your imagination and the possibilities are endless. This project is perfect for beginners, quick and easy and perfect for using up any scrap pieces of fabric you have lying around. For a printable version of this pattern, visit Selkie Patterns – the download also includes a second pattern to create a similar bag, for when you have mastered the first one!

You Will Need

0.75m x 0.25m of your chosen fabric
Matching thread
A fabric marker or chalk
A sewing machine


1. Cut out the pattern piece (version one net) in your chosen fabric. You will see that the pattern is divided into three: mark these lines so you know where the thirds are.

2. Hem all four edges of your rectangle by pressing over 1cm, then 1cm again and stitching your hem. Do the two long edges first, then the two short sides. The dotted line on your pattern indicates the seam allowance: the amount of fabric allowed for you to create your hems and seams.

3. Place the rectangle on the table with the ‘outside’ facing you (you should be looking at the pretty side and not able to see the hems). We will be folding our rectangle into thirds to create our bag in the next two steps. First, fold over 1 to 2. Make sure you’re hitting your marks indicating the thirds. Pin the bottom edges together and sew close to the edge.

4. Now fold over 3 to 4 and pin the top edges together (peel back your first fold to have the top edges free). Again, make sure you’re hitting your marked points. Pin and sew.

5. Turn your bag the right way around so your seams are on the inside and admire your beautiful work! You can tie up the bag or leave it open.

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