Meet The Travel Company Helping You Dress Ethically On Vacation

Travel, wellness and lifestyle writer and consultant Eva Ramirez investigates Voyager Club’s new sustainable ‘vacation stylist’ service and discovers how the travel concierge company is growing its eco-conscious holiday offering. 

I’m a chronic over-packer. Every trip, every time. It’s partly because I fall victim to the notion that with each new destination, I’ll wondrously transform into a chicer version of myself. One that wears heels for city strolls and red lipstick to lunch. This holiday persona rarely appears though, so while regular old me returns home having had a great time despite my lack of wardrobe experimentation, I’m left lamenting the fact that half of the items I packed didn’t see the light of day. 

I once over packed so much for a month in India that a week in, I bought a cardboard box and shipped half my belongings home, just so that I wouldn’t have to keep hauling them around. Since then, I’ve been on an endless crusade to kick my habit and pack smarter, considering quality over quantity. It’s essentially the same ethos most of us keep in mind as we strive to make more conscious purchasing decisions. 

Voyager Club is a travel concierge that I recently came across when researching an upcoming holiday. Far more than a package deal provider, they cover all the bases both before and during a trip. First, they plan an itinerary based on your chosen location and interests. Then, they tap into their network of hidden gems around the world to find the perfect accommodation, from luxury private villas to quaint and quirky eco-resorts. And here’s the fun part; they have an add-on service called ‘My Vacation Stylist’ so that once the flights are booked and you’re ready to go, a team of stylists source the best outfit choices for your trip. The bespoke selection can be sent straight to your destination – no packing involved – or to your home, so you can try it on and decide what pieces to invest in. With each piece selected specifically based on you and your style, you’ll want to treasure them for future adventures. 

If you’re heading to a new country and are unsure of the climate or what’s culturally appropriate, it’s incredibly handy. Because the service is 24/7 and clothes can be sent to you anywhere in the world, issues like unexpected weather, lost luggage, last minute travel plans or SOS wardrobe requests make the service a godsend. 

‘My Vacation Stylist’ also recently launched a sustainable edit, featuring clothes and accessories from a curated selection of sustainable or ethical brands. “This is perfect for eco-conscious travellers looking to ensure that their entire vacation, from accommodation to their wardrobe, is sustainable and in keeping with these values,” says Voyager Club co-founder Sophie Caulcutt. “The concepts of slow fashion and conscious consumerism are now becoming global movements and we all need to play our part.” Sophie also ensures that she visits each new travel partner, meaning that Voyager Club can offer real insider knowledge on all of their destinations, be it a tailor-made honeymoon in The Bahamas or a girls trip to the French Riviera. 

Sustainability issues are increasingly important in both the fashion and travel industries, so offering the sustainable edit is an important and natural progression for Voyager Club. Aside from a greener version of the fashion concierge service, they’re also growing their eco-conscious holiday offering, working alongside resorts and locations with green initiatives. Jamaica’s premier ‘green hotel’ Round Hill is one of these. From growing its own organic vegetables and herbs to reducing waste and conserving energy, the hotel is fully committed to lessening its footprint and promoting sustainability. Guests can learn about the resort’s many eco-initiatives and enjoy true farm-to-table dining Jamaican style, using seasonal and local ingredients. Round Hill also works with local marine scientists and offers complimentary snorkelling and diving to all guests, so that they can discover how to rehabilitate and restore the corals and marine life.

Some of the sustainable and ethical brands you can take on your next Voyager Club holiday include Beulah London, which supports and empowers vulnerable or trafficked women with every sale; sustainable swimwear brand Fisch made from ECONYL® regenerated nylon made from ocean waste such as old fishing nets; and Alighieri jewellery, which uses ethically-sourced recycled bronze and is handcrafted in London. Whether you want to play it safe or adopt a holiday alter-ego, you’ll be doing good, packing smart, and looking stylish while you’re at it. 


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