A Mindful Macramé Plant Holder for Beginners

Looking for an easy, low-cost craft project? Sophie Parsons shows us how to make a mindful macramé plant holder.   A simple craft activity is perfect if you need a bit of quiet time to yourself. This beginner’s guide is a good starting point and we encourage you to get creative and make it your own. Cut up old t-shirts to make long stretches of rope, make pom-poms to attach at the ends or use wooden beads to decorate – once you’ve mastered the basics, let your imagination run wild. All you need is: 
  • A small potted plant
  • 5 strands of rope or other material (roughly 2 – 3 metres long, adjust depending on size of plant)

Step 1

First, double over your pieces of rope. Tie a knot at one end, leaving a loop of rope which your planter will hang on. There will be ten pieces of string knotted together which you can now seperate into pairs.

Step 2

Tie a knot in each pair about one to two inches from the big looped knot at the top. Then, create a spiral knot. Hold the right string taut, loop the left thread over the right, back under it and through the loop. Pulling tightly, you will have your first knot.

Step 3

Continue knotting like this for about two to three inches, being sure to pull each knot firmly. 

Step 4

Do the same on each of the five strands, making sure the spiral braid is roughly the same length on each.

Step 5

Leaving a couple of inches below the spiral, tie the right-hand strand to the left of the pair next to it. Once you have all five tied (which can be a little fiddly), you will have created a tent-like structure with five doubled-over hanging strands.

Step 6

Tie one further knot two to three inches further down on each of the five strands. Then take all the strands together and tie them to create the base which the bottom of the plant pot will sit on.

Test the hanger with your plant before trimming the ends. If you want to keep playing with it, you could braid the rest of the strands instead of trimming, adding beads or pom-poms for colour and character.


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