The Modern Affluence Summit

Our Chief Content Officer Dolly Jones spoke at the Modern Affluence Summit in Bloomberg’s beautiful headquarters (otherwise known as the most sustainable building in the world) on Friday:

The younger generations are increasingly cautious of their global footprint, and for brands to succeed in the modern era, a deep dive into one’s environmental impact is critical.  This is the message that Dolly Jones shared today during the Modern Affluence Summit in London – an event looking at the evolution of the way consumers are spending their disposable income and focused on:

‘The emergence of the modern affluent consumer has given rise to rapid change. This new consumer expects brands to invest in their shared future – from concerns for global footprint, to a focus on personal growth, self-love and mindfulness.”

In her speech, entitled ‘Living up to the communications promise’, Dolly told delegates: “Clothe your customer in goodness and you’ll do us all good. Surely a clear conscience is the ultimate luxury; and forthcoming generations are demanding one both from the companies they work for, and the brands they buy from.” 

“Allow your customer to enjoy your product unfettered by the emotional drawback of culpability.” We couldn’t agree more!