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Sustainability news from around the globe.

Sustainability news from around the globe.

Fashion CEO Agenda: ‘We Have to Act, and We Have to Act Now’

The good news is the fashion industry is embracing new sustainable materials, business models and ambitious science-based targets at a never-before rate. The bad? It’s not doing so quickly—or systemically—enough to avoid destructive levels of global warming.

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Sedex tool highlights forced labour indicators 

Ethical sourcing organisation Sedex has developed the ‘Forced Labour Indicators tool’ in a bid to sound the alarm on cases of exploitation within supply chains. More than 10 per cent of Sedex members are in the apparel sector, each of which commit to supporting transparency and protecting both people and the environment.  

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Twenty firms produce 55% of world’s plastic waste, report reveals

Plastic Waste Makers index identifies those driving climate crisis with virgin polymer production.

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Fashion for Good selects young creatives to create Grow 2.0 exhibition with biomaterials

As announced at the beginning of the year, global sustainability initiative Fashion for Good has been looking for creatives for its talent project Grow, a three-month program that will start in July 2021. 

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Could Food-Style Labels On Our Clothes Help Us Make Greener Choices?

An increasing number of brands have recently introduced eco-labelling on their products – outlining particular attributes that make them better for the environment, whether that’s the use of recycled materials, organic textile certifications, or water and energy savings.

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Quantifying sustainability to cultivate customer loyalty

Tracking, measuring and communicating data on sustainability actions can help fashion businesses win lasting consumer loyalty. Drapers examines some of the tools that are helping retailers in this mission.

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BFC announces dates and line-up for ‘digital-first’ London Fashion Week

The British Fashion Council (BFC) has announced the dates and provisional line-up for next month’s London fashion Week which will include collection launches and digital events from the likes of Bethany Williams, Nicholas Daley, Qasimi, and Robyn Lynch.

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Procurement meets marketing: Responsible sourcing turns trendy in the public eye

The days of procurement as a back-office function without much of a story to tell the public are numbered. More than ever, consumers want to know where and how their products are being made, and global brands are telling the trendy tales of sustainability and transparent sourcing.

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Thrift Chains Still Legally Undercut Minimum Wage

A recent lawsuit against The Salvation Army shows thrifters remain oblivious to the labor violations behind their favourite thrift chains.

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