6 Products that contain Palm Oil (& alternatives to replace them)

In support of Iceland’s controversially banned TV Christmas advert, we’ve compiled a list of palm-oil free products to help you have a #NoPalmOilChristmas and beyond.

Nearly 50% of supermarket products contain palm oil in some form or another – from your regular cereal to your favourite Christmas snacks, once you start checking labels it’s surprising what you find it in. But thankfully there are an increasing number of brands choosing to take a stand against use of this environmentally-damaging ingredient – here are some of our favourite palm-oil free alternatives to your usual kitchen staples:

Mince Pies

These traditional Christmas treats are filled with dried fruit and spices – but did you know they also usually contain palm oil too?  Neil Nugent, chef of Iceland, said that the supermarket chain’s recipe for the festive filling has had palm oil in it for about 20 years and has been quite hard to replace. The supermarket’s new palm oil-free range uses rapeseed oil instead and tastes just as festive – without the damaging environmental impact.


Conventional chocolate bars and snacks often contain palm oil because of its smooth texture and ability to keep the chocolate from melting too easily. However there are alternatives out there – opt for independent organic brands like Doisy & Dam, which avoids palm oil in all of its ethical chocolate products.  


Palm oil can often be found in crisps as a cheap alternative to olive oil, but there are brands such as Eat Real Snacks who make healthy (but just as delicious) crisps from houmous, lentils, quinoa and even veggies without palm oil.

P.S. they have a new range of vegan cheezie straws – you’re welcome. 

Cereal Bars and Granola

Having a palm oil-free breakfast can be more challenging that you think, especially if you love eating granola or breakfast bars on the go as most brands use this oil in their recipes. Deliciously Ella’s granola range and oat bars use sunflower oil instead as a more sustainable alternative.

Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

If you enjoy having a slice of toast with chocolate and hazelnut spread in the mornings, make sure to check the label as this is one of the biggest palm oil offenders.  But don’t worry, you don’t have to completely forgoe your morning chocolate fix – simple choose a palm-oil free brand like Mr. Organic, which makes a rich spread using sunflower oil and cocoa butter. 


Candy is possibly one of the most prominent products to contain palm oil, but there are a few (and delicious) exceptions. Candy Kittens use sunflower oil instead of palm oil and as an added bonus are vegan, gluten free and made with natural ingredients. A massive win for all sweet tooths out there.

Read all about palm oil – what it is, why it is so environmentally damaging, and how you can avoid it – and watch the Iceland advert in full here.