Introducing The Shifting Tide, a series of updates on fashion and current affairs to equip brands in a transforming world.

In partnership with Equiception.

Key Roundtable Objectives

Scope – Monitoring, analysing and investigating shifts in global regulation.

Envision – Taking these evidence-based evaluations and imagining strategic sustainable pathways.

Enact – Giving you the tools and context to adapt to the changing legislative landscape.

At Eco-Age, we have spent over a decade working collaboratively to drive change, bringing together thought leaders in the diverse fields intersecting to inform sustainability and engaging with stakeholders on every link of the value chain. Collectively, we work to scope, envision, and enact a more just and sustainable future.

The Shifting Tide is our series inviting brands into our network of legislative expertise, breaking down current and forthcoming legislation across core conversations during what is a very critical moment in the evolution of the global regulatory landscape. Today, the legal landscape is changing rapidly. We are in the midst of a sea change, as voluntary Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) standards give way to mandatory sustainability-focused regulations for the first time. In recognition of this deep and impactful shift, we invite you into our inner circle.

These sessions are hosted in partnership with Equiception, the consultancy of Auret Van Heerden, a human rights advocate with over 40 years of supply chain expertise.

We invite you and your business to join us, as we take you on a journey starting with our inaugural session, The Rule of Law, on June 23, 2022. This roundtable will address current legislation coming into place with a special focus on the EU, detailing how forthcoming legislative developments will impact fashion businesses in the next two-three years. Jessica Simor QC of The Circle NGO will give a deep dive into The Living Wage proposal for regulations at the EU level.

Future sessions will engage with key themes in transnational and EU-focused legislation: On July 7th, we will discuss The EU Circularity Action Plan in partnership with Make the Label Count Coalition. This September 8th, we invite you to join us as for a session on The Great Greenwashing Machine, an update on the latest in greenwashing held in partnership with the Geneva Institute for Business and Human Rights. Finally, on November 10th, we will tackle Web3 and the Metaverse with the Cardano Foundation, talking through recent and upcoming evolutions in the space and how they impact your brand’s strategic development in the Metaverse. 

We look forward to speaking together, answering any questions, and working in partnership as we anticipate legislative impacts and position our brands as leaders in this transition.

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