5 Talks Not To Miss At Rio Ethical Fashion 2020

Join fashion and sustainability experts from across the globe between October 30th – November 30th at the 2020 digital edition of Rio Ethical Fashion. 

Last year, more than 600 people joined Rio Ethical Fashion over a three-day period to address the central question of how to make fashion more ethical and sustainable. With things looking a little different this year thanks to the global pandemic, the International Forum of Sustainable Fashion is taking place over 30 days, with more than 50 speakers coming together at the digital event.

With a lively and varied programme that includes topics such as ‘Communications for Change’ and ‘Inspiration or Appropriation? Fashion and Cultural Identity’, the event should be front and centre of your sustainability calendar. 19 debates will be available for ticket-holders to access between October 30th and November 30th. From textile innovation to supply chain management, here are our picks of the talks not to miss.


How to Redefine Fashion to Ensure Fairness For All

2020 has been a defining moment for many industries – and particularly for fashion. From the #PayUp campaign to Boohoo breaking social distancing rules, garment makers’ and fashion workers’ rights have made headlines throughout the last six months. In a timely and frank conversation, Dr. Hakan Karaosman and Eco-Age’s creative director Livia Firth explore the topic of social justice within the global fashion supply chain.

African Fashion: Materials, Design and Sustainability

Consultant Sadiath Aminou and designer Gloria Wavamunno join Simone Cipriani, UN Office and head of the Ethical Fashion Initiative (EFI) to discuss sustainability and Africa’s fashion industry. Simone began the EFI in 2009, while working in Nairobi. In the more than 10 years since, the initiative has grown into a bridge between marginalised artisan communities and international brands – and the project received the North Star Award at the Green Carpet Fashion Awards, Italia 2020 too. We expect a thought-provoking conversation guided by industry insight and practical experience in the field of fashion within African communities.

Can Denim Lead Change in Fashion?

This year has witnessed exciting developments and design innovations within the textile industry, including the launches of Diesel’s first upcycled collection and Candiani’s biodegradable stretch denim Coreva. In this talk, hosted in collaboration with Eco-Age, Andrea Rosso and Alberto Candiani come together with Marcel Imaizumi and Lilian Pacce to examine how denim provides an example of how change can be achieved within the wider fashion industry.

New Fibers: How Fashion Is Cleaning Up The Oceans

Earlier this year, a study found that there could be as much as 200 million tonnes of plastic in the Atlantic – but with immediate changes and new technologies, this could be greatly reduced, according to Jim Palardy at Pew Trusts. Giulio Bonazzi, CEO of Aquafil Group, joins marine scientist Lara Iwanicki in a conversation moderated by Jordana Giumarães, co-founder of fashion innovation. Together, they delve into how the fashion industry is helping to reduce waste within the world’s oceans.

Designing for Change

Fashion Revolution founder Orsola de Castro joins Dr Christina Dean, founder of The R Collective and Redress, alongside moderator Patrick Duffy of Global Fashion Exchange and SwapChain in what is sure to be an insightful discussion. A panel of sustainability pioneers, the three will consider what designing for change means within the current global climate. We’ll be taking notes…