9 Sustainable Men’s Swimwear Brands

The weather may not be the most summery, but it sure makes us long for sunshine, and gets us ready to hit the beach – in our ethical swimwear of course!

Summer is coming… the call of the ocean is getting louder and louder.  Of course, the ocean has not been far from our minds, with reports of the plastic pollution pandemic never far from public consciousness.  Amongst those working to clean up our seas are an increasing number of ethical swimwear brands that are using recycled and recyclable materials for their products, as well as supporting ocean cleanup charities in the process. 

Here are some of our favourite men’s swimwear brands with a conscience:

United by Blue

United by Blue is radically combatting waste inherent in the production supply chain, with a pledge to completely erase its usage of single-use plastics by 2020. In addition, for every piece bought, United by Blue removes a pound of trash from the sea, a commendable commitment which has so far removed 1,756,888 pounds of trash from our oceans!  United by Blue is so impressive because it really recognises how we all contribute to the plastic pollution crisis, but also how together we can really make a difference to prevent the waterfall of plastic into our oceans.

Available from: unitedbyblue.com


Encompassing a wide-range of sustainably-produced sporting equipment, Patagoniaaims to use its minimalist ethos combined with responsibly-sourced materials for our collective benefit and for the good of the planet. Patagonia’s stylish Hydropeak boardshorts  use 87% recycled polyester, and Patagonia is a signatory of both the Sustainable Apparel Coalition and 1% For The Planet.

Check them out here: eu.patagonia.com



Born out of the needs of cold-water surfers, Cornwall-based Finisterre never compromises on its ethical approach to quality or production. Its Transom 18” shorts consist of lightweight 100% recycled fabric that feels soft and stretchy in the water and dries out quickly. Finisterre’s unique swimwear caters perfectly for both conscious surfers and non-surfers.

Available from finisterre.com


Having launched its first Resort Collection in May 2019, Ché is paving the way towards sustainable swimwear with a cool and modern edge. Using nylon waste from landfills and oceans around the world, that has been trasnformed by Aquafil into ECONYL®  regenerated nylon yarn, Ché has curated a stylish collection that achieves the same strength and performance as virgin nylon.

Available at chestudios.co.uk


Riz Boardshorts

Every pair of Riz boardshorts is tailored from 100% recycled and recyclable fabric, made using plastic bottles. For every pair sold, £1 is donated directly to the Marine Conservation Society, and the company also partners with them at beach cleans. You can also donate your old unwanted shorts to them for a 25% discount on a new pair.

Available from rizboardshorts.com

The Tropics

The Tropics not only produces men’s swim trunks using material made from recycled plastic bottles, it also hosts monthly beach clean-ups in Miami, where the brand is based, and is a proud 1% for the planet member. 

Available from thetropics.co



Outerknown was founded by 11 time World Surf League Champion Kelly Slater and designer, with the belief that we have a responsibility to make clothing that respects the world around us.  The brand is committed to lowering its impact on the environment, and ensures that all of its suppliers adheres to its code of conduct. Its range of men’s swim trunks are made using recycled polyester in a bid to say goodbye to overflowing landfills.


Lisbon-based Panareha is a sustainable men’s summer wear brand that puts sustainability and the environment at the heart. All of its products are handcrafted in Portugal, and the fabrics used to produce all  beach and board shorts are made from recycled plastic bottles (RPET).  Items arrive packaged in 100% genuine, recovered waste paper in a plastic-free drawstring bag. 

Available from panareha.com


NAECO (Ocean backwards) offers luxury tailored swim shorts in a range of colours, made from 100% recycled ocean materials, crafted using traditional British tailoring techniques.  Each item is made from approximately 15 recycled plastic bottles and the material is itself recyclable at end of life. 

Available from naeco.co.uk


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