The Top Ten Workouts You Can Do From Home

As we get used to spending more time indoors, it’s never been more important to move our bodies and get that seratonin flowing. Eco-Age’s resident fitness pro Lori Delaney shares some of her favourite feel-good workouts you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

Exercise, in whatever form it takes, plays an important part in our lives. For many it lends itself to our daily routine, for some it is medicine for the mind and for others it is necessary to lead a healthier life. 

It is recommended that we get 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity in per week – a task that seems daunting at a time when your physical activiy is significantly limited like now. We have been asked to distance ourselves from others and our normal lives, and not being able to do the things that make you feel good or tend to heal your anxieties can be overwhelming. Yet we all adjust to a new normal, why not use this time to explore what lies outside your comfort zone and try something new?

The fitness community across the globe has really come through in these trying times, using social media and technology to provide workout routines that fit into this temporary way of life we’ve found ourselves in. Thanks to IG Live, YouTube and Zoom, we’re now able to get our bodies moving and shaking without even having to leave the house. There is a whole world of home workouts out there, but read on for the best of the best – from mellow yoga classes to high-power boxing sessions!

Deliciously Ella

The recent relaunch of the Deliciously Ella app saw the addition of a ‘Wellness’ section. Within you’ll find a mix of basic-to-advanced yoga and meditation sessions to sooth your soul. Perfect for a lazy Sunday morning!

Ballet Blast

Following on the dance theme, Saskia Gregson-Williams (NaturallySassy) has fused strength and conditioning training with ballet principles to create Ballet Blast. With a monthly subscription of $12.99 you can easily stream the workout to your device of choice making it super accessible wherever you might find yourself.  At the moment Saskia has been streaming some live workouts to her Instagram audience so if Ballet-style fitness is for you, head there to try it out. 


Shreddy, founded by entrepreneur Grace Beverley (who also founded ethical activewear brand We Are TALA) is aimed at all fitness levels. The functional app allows you to enter your details and expectations to create the perfect workout guide for your goals. An all-inclusive app, coupled with nutritional guidance and an online community like no other, Shreddy is the online tool for everybody.


Get that heart pumping and hands flying with the KOBOX crew. Mixing it up with shadow boxing routines and unique HIIT (high intensity interval training) you’ll be working up a sweat in no time. With a variety of different trainers streaming daily via Instagram Live (usually 10am and 5pm) you’ll find a workout to suit you and you’ll have a great time doing it. 


Peloton, best known for its interactive online spinning classes available through its app, is now offering sessions focused on strength, circuit bootcamps and running. Usually a subscription of £12.99 per month, Peloton has extended its free trial to 90 days to help you get moving during this time at home.

Joe Wicks

One for the whole family, YouTube sensation Joe Wicks is on a mission to get both parents and kids moving. Wicks offers free thirty-minute classes every weekday for children and their parents to keep fit while at home. Amassing over 10 million views in its first week, ‘P.E with Joe’ is a hit – give it a try for some family fitness fun! Joe has even created a chair workout video for the elderly to follow so they can keep active too.

Barry’s Bootcamp

World renowned fitness studio Barry’s Bootcamp is a smash hit around the globe. Bringing their fit-fam together, Barry’s are streaming throughout the day with different instructors offering their services on the HIIT workout. From a killer ab session to a lower body burn, Barry’s is pulling out all the stops. 

Stay Sassy

Feel like learning something new? Steph Elswood, founder of the female empowering Stay Sassy events and ethical brand Sasstainable, has been teaching groups of women to feel confident in their bodies and themselves through dance. The idea is to throw on your favourite heels (or not, totally your choice!) and follow Steph as she teaches you some moves. While these events are usually held in a studio space, Steph has recently hosted one on her Instagram Live. Hit the beat, step those feet and move that body to the rhythm of the music… all in the comfort of your own home. 

Yoga with Adriene

Type ‘yoga’ into the YouTube search bar and Adriene will be the first to pop up. Offering a library of free yoga videos to help you heal stress, feel joy and even inner space travel. Ranging from 10 minutes to an hour, the Adriene yoga community is open to anyone at any level, making it the perfect go-to for any home yogis out there. 

Move it or Lose It

Aimed at the elderly, Move it or Lose it are offering support via their Facebook page to those who may be less mobile while at home and perhaps don’t have access to support when it comes to exercise. In addition to its work on social media, it has created a downloadable guide available so that those less mobile can still find safe ways to move.  

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