Wardrobe Crisis Podcast: Clare Press Meets Climate Activist Natalie Issacs

In this week’s podcast Clare Press meets Natalie Isaacs, the Al Gore-trained climate activist behind the 1 Million Women network.

Are you ready for Earth Day? These quotes from Australian climate activist Natalie Isaacs will inspire you to take action.

“If everybody in the world lived like we do in Australia, we would need four planets not just the one that we have. Everything that we focus on at 1 Million Women is about daily living. It’s about how you live with the least impact on the planet, how you can impact that through the everyday choices you make: every dollar you spend or don’t spend, or invest or divest; everything you do shapes the kind of world that you want to live in.”

“Our happiness seems to be defined by how much stuff we have, and it can feel like the more we have the happier we’ll be. But it’s a misguided belief, because it actually doesn’t make you happier – it just means you have a lot of stuff.”

Listen to the interview in full below or via iTunes here.

“We as individuals and as citizens of the world have a) and obligation and b) the power. We have glorious power to act in our lives and rise above politics, because we cannot just wait for politicians and for governments to put in policies to fight climate change. We can’t wait! We have to get on with it, and there is so much to do.” 

“Because carbon pollution is invisible – you can’t see it – it’s been easy to say, well it’s not affecting me really, so I can get on with what I’m doing. That is changing. It is getting hotter. There are more ferocious cyclones and droughts. Climate change is happening, visibly, all around us. Connect this back to plastics in the ocean, food waste and overconsumption: all of it brings an embedded carbon. All of it fuels this thing called climate change.” 

“If you look at it on a grand scale: the planet and us in it, then everything is interconnected. Everything! And if one part of the chain falls apart or is weakened then the whole thing can collapse. You cannot have infinite resources on a finite planet, it’s impossible. We are feeling the pressures of this now – the Earth is telling us.”


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