What is the CFDA’s New Sustainability Guide?

Last week, the CFDA launched its new sustainability initiatives resource hub ahead of upcoming fashion month. Here’s our take on why this is such a positive – and vital – move for the industry. 

We were so pleased to see CFDA launch its new Sustainability Guide & Resource hub last week – an essential declaration of the role that sustainability plays in the fashion industry, and the fact that it is a business imperative that we all in the fashion industry (and beyond) must think about, and act on. 

The CFDA’s open-access resources provide a “how to” overview for sustainable fashion for anyone interested in learning more about sustainability and sourcing relevant contacts, with the intention of empowering through education. It contains an A-Z resource directory, how to guide, sustainable strategies toolkit, and an informational materials index. 

“Sustainability is a core pillar of the CFDA,” said Steven Kolb, President and CEO of the CFDA. “The launch of our Sustainable Strategies Guide, Toolkit and Resources  symbolizes our commitment and marks an important milestone of building more action within our community and fashion as a whole.”

It’s especially important to see such globally visible fashion councils engaging their members and the wider fashion industry with topics of environmental stewardship, social justice, and overall business responsibility and transparency. It is these councils and brands whose reach extends across borders, whose customers span the globe, and whose influence can and should be used for good, as well as for the empowerment that fashion brings, allowing us as consumers and participants to express our characters and beliefs.