Wilson Oryema: A Poem for 2020

2020’s extreme highs and lows have left many of us pining for the new year, but in the beautiful words of poet Wilson Oryema, there is so much we can take from the year just passed. Here’s hoping for the brighter days ahead.

Such as seldom rain on the savannah plain
Sorrow sometimes blankets this vast terrain
With no chance for one to escape
But to simply endure this moment
For it is part of the journey of our global race
We will do good to remember
Like the light on either side of this tunnel
Brighter days preceded these
And consequently
Brighter days will succeed these
Even now
Rays of hope
Pierce this dark spiralling maze
So although at times we may stumble
And dismay at our state of disarray
There is a path set out clear for us
With the promise of brighter days
All it will ask of us
Is to walk in good faith
That your neighbour will do the same
In spite of the difficulties
We collectively and individually face
As the occasional spot of rain
Will nourish our lands
Baring fruit for our babes