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Case study 

Tommee Tippee

Tommee Tippee, a globally beloved parent brand known for its signature sippy cups and practical baby products, has engaged in environmentally focused sustainability activities for several years. Eco-Age is working with Tommee Tippee to connect these efforts with the wider business strategy and achieve internal buy-in and resources necessary for successful implementation.

With a rebrand on the horizon, the team saw this as the perfect opportunity to develop a more holistic and integrated sustainability strategy. This new approach aimed to future-proof the brand, align with broader business objectives, differentiate Tommee Tippee from its competitors, and establish clear, measurable goals with short-, medium-, and long-term targets  
Eco-Age began with its signature “Brand Temperature Check” to assess Tommee Tippee’s sustainability status against best practices. We aligned the evaluation with leading frameworks, such as the Future-Fit Business Benchmark, to identify significant risks and opportunities. Collaborating closely with the executive team, we crafted an engaging and comprehensive strategy with well-defined steps, milestones, and a robust communication framework to ensure clarity and alignment throughout the organisation.