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Case study 

Ugg Feel Good

As a prominent brand in the footwear industry, UGG wanted to engage its audience with its sustainability journey, updating them on progress against targets, as well as storytelling around product innovations and impactful environmental and social initiatives.

Through a materiality assessment and peer benchmarking, Eco-Age identified priority sustainability topics for improvement, as well as those in which UGG was already addressing effectively.
This resulted in the development of a holistic strategy, FEEL GOOD (which took into consideration both UGG and its parent company Deckers Brands), to ensure a consistent and robust approach. Eco-Age also launched the UGG FEEL GOOD microsite, a platform where UGG can engage its customers on its sustainability initiatives, provide more in-depth information on product and material innovation, and share its progress in reaching sustainability targets.
Alongside managing the site creation, this involved planning content, engaging and managing copywriters, conducting interviews with talent and experts, managing translations into French, German, Chinese and Japanese, and uploading articles to the microsite.