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Case study 

The FA Group and Wembley

To address the social and environmental footprint of sports and events, the Football Association (FA) Group partnered with Eco-Age to develop sustainable practices and obtain certification for Wembley Stadium’s Event Management System.

Eco-Age implemented responsible practices as well as creating a sustainability strategy that included a stakeholder engagement and defined key priorities for the organization.
We also aligned Wembley Stadium’s Event Management System with ISO 20121, a standard recognized for its best practices in sustainability within events. This system considers environmental, social, and economic impacts throughout the event organization process and aims to set an industry benchmark for sustainable events.
In addition to this, the FA Sustainability Team (FAST) was created to ensure collaboration and accountability for sustainability implementation. In 2020, the FAST was awarded a Sport Business Awards for Sustainability in Sports. The prestigious industry recognised the work undertaken by the internal sustainability team in driving the venue’s sustainability efforts.