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Case study 

The Woolmark Company

The Woolmark Company approached Eco-Age to support an international consultancy and communications programme designed to raise awareness of the environmental credentials of wool and promote the use of the natural fibre across fashion and clothing sectors.


Our collaboration with Woolmark has seen us work together to produce seminal thought leadership pieces such as Fashionscapes: Forever Tasmania, challenging technical work, and consumer PR within the British, European and American markets.

Shaun the Sheep is one of the most famous sheep in the world, and therefore was a natural fit for our client, The Woolmark Company to promote the natural credentials of wool. Eco-Age facilitated a partnership with SKY and Ardmaan Productions to develop a short video with the characters, educational materials, a wool product range and invested in a global media buy to amplify the message, for the launch of the premier, Farmagedon. Eco-Age have lso fostered a collaboration between Taylor Perez, Actor and lead star of the international phenomenon “The Kissing Booth”, and The Woolmark Company, leading to Talyor promoting wool’s benefits as an ambassador for The Woolmark Company.
Eco-Age additionally provides ongoing technical support, producing brand partner toolkits to educate and engage partners across the supply chain, and ongoing strategic and technical feedback on the and platforms as well as the Learning Centre education platform.